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  [ig-news] ig at the pier, saturday night  ["graham ames" <heepybear@jefu.n]


date: mon, 26 jul 2004 06:55:22 -0700
from: "graham ames" <>
subject: [ig-news] ig at the pier, saturday night

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally sent to
the indigo girls mailing list at]

i can't believe i didn't take a pen with me!  i always take a pen so i
can write down the setlist, but i spaced it out this time.  okay, so,
no setlist posted by me (anyone else?), but here are the highlights.

the pier is such a beautiful setting -- right on the water in seattle,
with the skyline of downtown serving as a backdrop.  surprisingly
little city noise interfering with the show, and an amusing number of
sailboats, kayaks, and yachts pulling up near the venue to get a free
listen.  a&e both looked great.  i was sitting too far back to give a
good fashion report, but they were both wearing jeans and t-shirts, and
i'm so glad that amy has finally found a non-embarrassing hairstyle for
the past couple of years.  :)

they opened with hammer and a nail, and the set included watershed,
ghost, chickenman, heartache for everyone, dairy queen, and tether.
amy _was_ going to do brown eyed girl (as a segue from shame on you?),
but forgot.  romeo and juliet was a request...  jeez.  i really wish
i'd taken a pen.

they were doing some kind of fundraiser raffle, and the winner got to
come onstage and sing with ig for ctf.  i don't know of she could sing
or not -- she seemed so enthused to just be up there that she seemed to
spend more time bouncing to the music than singing into the mike.

it was a great show.  the power of a&e, even as an acoustic duo,
overtook the crowd, which was quite chatty for the first couple of
songs.  by the time 20 minutes or so had passed, however, most of that
conversation had died out and the girls had everyone's total focus.
they invited the crowd to rush the stage, which they were more than
happy to do.  [...]

graham ames

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