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  [ig-news] fw: indigo girls participate in labor day rally!  [sherlyn koo <]
  [ig-news] seattle post-intellegencer article  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@pixelo]
  [ig-news] denver post article       [sherlyn koo <>]
  [ig-news] homo-a-gogo! (pretty long)              []


date: mon, 09 aug 2004 10:30:23 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fw: indigo girls participate in labor day rally!

hey kids,

here's the latest official mailer...


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date: sun 8-aug-2004 7:43pm
subject: indigo girls participate in labor day rally!

amy and emily will be participating in a free labor day rally for reinvest in america: put america back to work! in charleston virginia on september 6, 2004.

for more information on this event:

and for the latest official indigo girls tour information:


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date: mon, 09 aug 2004 15:35:40 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] seattle post-intellegencer article

hey kids,

a little late, but here's a review of the mid-july shows at the pier, from
the seattle post-intellegencer.

if you want to read it online it's at:


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monday, july 26, 2004

indigo girls exude warmth, passion
duo delights crowd with lively, intimate performance

by bill white
special to the post-intelligencer

on seattle's hottest day of the year, the indigo girls kept the fires burning
long after the sun had gone down.

music review
indigo girls

with kim richey

where: pier 62/63

when: friday night

it was nearing dusk as the folk-rock duo took the pier 62/63 stage on friday
night. a crescent moon lit the darkening sky above the bay. backlit by rainbow
lighting, amy ray and emily saliers opened their 105-minute concert with "fill
it up again," the first of seven songs performed from their new album, "all
that we let in."

stripped down to their acoustic essentials, the new songs were much more alive
than in their recorded versions.

a harmonica solo from ray enhanced "dairy queen," and saliers' vocal on "come
on over," unencumbered by the recorded arrangement, was passionately intimate.

the only song that did not quite work in an acoustic setting was "heartache for
everyone," a rocking torch song that needed a full-blown band to contain its
rush of energy.

with most of the material composed within traditional folk and rock forms, the
mood of each song was quickly established. there was the classic rock
progression of "go," strummed with such determination by ray that she broke a
string, the mountain ballad "ozilline," expertly picked on banjo and mandolin,
and the anthemic singalong of "the power of two."

although the master of ceremonies joked that there were only seven males in the
audience, the crowd was, in fact, quite diverse.

the music of the indigo girls appeals to most everyone who still believes that
a song should mean something.

the title song of "all that we let in," beautifully sung and fingerpicked by
saliers, who t turned 41 the day before the show, is a perfect example of how
they express both personal and social concerns. the line "beaten into
submission in the name of the free" was loudly applauded by the crowd, which
was even more responsive to the closing sentiment, "the greatest gift in life
is to know love."

the main part of the concert ended with a rousing version of the classic "close
to fine," from their self-titled 1989 release.

kim richey, who had earlier warmed up the crowd with a spirited set of country
folk, joined in the chorus, as did the winner of a raffle that had raised more
than $1,500 for home alive, a local grass-roots organization that helps prevent
violence against women.

the two-song encore began with a solo ray performing a snappy "driver
education," and saliers returning for a searing version of "galileo," from
1992's "rites of passage."

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date: mon, 09 aug 2004 15:48:40 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] denver post article

hey folks,

here's another slightly old article, this one from the denver post - it's
online at,1413,36~28704~2286843,00.html
if you want to read it there...


- ---
article published: friday, july 23, 2004  

colorado keeps pulling indigo girls back

by ricardo baca
denver post pop music critic

indigo girls amy ray, left, and emily saliers have spoken out for countless
causes during their 20 years together.

it makes sense that the indigo girls would sell out two dates at the denver
botanic gardens. the plush, grassy bowl is the ideal spot for their brand of
sensible and sometimes political pop-folk.

and of course they'd do well in boulder, what with the city's left-leaning,
birkenstock-shod populace.

but the poudre valley above fort collins?

the indigo girls will play four sold-out colorado dates in the next eight days,
including a july 30 date at northern colorado's super-scenic mishawaka
amphitheatre. and while almost all artists worth half their publicity budget
will tell you they "absolutely love (your city here)," emily saliers is truly
closer to fine when she's in colorado.

"we're a word-of-mouth, grass-roots band," saliers said last week, "but i can't
explain why it's so strong for us in certain markets like denver, san
francisco, seattle or boston."

given its past and present political climate, colorado seems a particularly
curious retreat for the indigo girls. the group consists of saliers and her
songwriting partner for more than 20 years, amy ray. openly lesbian and
politically active, they vehemently oppose the quest by u.s. sen. wayne allard
and rep. marilyn musgrave, colorado republicans, to amend the u.s. constitution
with an anti-gay-marriage measure. (last week the bill died in the senate; the
house of representatives plans to take up musgrave's version in september.)

"i always find that wherever there's that strong political force, there's a
subversive political force to counteract it," saliers said. "people are
fighting gay marriage left and right. but in colorado, on top of the
conservatives, you also have these huge enclaves of liberals and
environmentalists who want to save the landscape there and protect civil

talking with saliers in an election year is exciting. the indigo girls have
rallied for native american rights and spoken out on countless other causes
throughout the last two decades. now they're focusing on the november election.

"i'm so miserable with this administration and the havoc that it's wreaked on
everyone," saliers said. she and ray try their best to support issues rather
than candidates in their live shows, which are often incendiary with their own
brand of subtle politicking, but one man saliers can stand up and openly
respect is filmmaker michael moore.

"it blew me away," she said of moore's documentary "fahrenheit 9/11." "moore
can go over the top, and he can be manipulative. but this was really well done,
and i was moved by it - especially the story of the woman who lost her son in
the war. i went with a bunch of friends, and we all cried. i couldn't really
talk after the film for about 30 minutes afterward."

in their music, the indigo girls can be politically charged or romantically
inclined - sometimes concurrently. it's not difficult to tell the difference
between an amy song and an emily song. but some fans will be surprised to know
that each song is developed through cooperation and collaboration.

"i write my songs and amy writes hers, and when we're writing we are really
different personalities and people with different sensibilities, and that comes
through," said saliers. "the common ground happens in the arrangement, which we
do together."

listen to saliers talk and it's obvious the two have fallen into a comfortable
routine. and they would have to: "all that we let in," their 10th album, is an
obvious continuation of what ray and saliers have done their entire careers.

"i'm a little bit more of a dreamer, and amy's more of a brass-tacks kind of
person," saliers said. "she archives stuff and is always taking pictures and
filming and keeping that stuff.

"i don't do that at all, and i'm grateful that she does because she ends up
digging up a lot of cool stuff," she said. "plus she was always driven about
what path we should take early on. she was always into the post-punk world and
didn't want us to be stigmatized as a folk band. and making sure that we had a
little bit of a broader scope was good."

when not on the road, saliers spends a lot of time at watershed, her decatur,
ga., restaurant. ray runs daemon records, the not-for-profit label she started
to distribute and market indie voices. ray released her first solo record,
"stag," on daemon in 2001 and is working on the follow-up. saliers is moving at
her own pace but sees a solo record in her future.

"it's taken a long time for me to get to the point of even talking about it,"
saliers said. "but i'm excited because it'll be more rhythm oriented. i like
soul music, african american music and hip-hop, and there will be more of an
emphasis on groove."

emily saliers likes hip-hop?

"sure, i like old-school stuff like public enemy and queen latifah, and i like
the newer stuff like murphy lee and jay-z, too."

pop music critic ricardo baca can be reached at 303-820-1394 or .

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date: mon 9-aug-2004 12:18am
subject: [ig-news] homo-a-gogo! (pretty long)

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally
sent to the indigo girls mailing list at]

i'm back from a fabulous week of homo-ing in olympia. [...]
the girls played
a short set, about 45 minutes, but it was a good one. it included fill it
up, dairy queen, go (more on this in a minute), galileo (emily said "sing
it queers" when it was time to sing the chorus), heartache (someone asked
what it was about and amy laughed and wouldn't really answer), ctf (with
raffle to sing with them, of course it wasn't the gf or i who won). i'm
blanking on what else there was - it's been a really long week. so when
amy was intro-ing go, she said it started out being about this grandmother
who was an activist and all of a sudden this girl on the side of the stage
yells to them it's her great grandmother and they'd all met before and
they start talking. eventually amy gets back to telling about how she was
able to finish the song when they had the high school tour. they didn't
bring sulli with them in order to save some money, so they were doing
their own tuning and emily says you just have to line up the lights (on
the tuner) and amy says they should be able to project the tuner onto a
big screen so the whole audience can play along. it was really neat to see
on the sides of the stage a lot of musicians from the queercore bands
singing along to ctf at the end. i
it was a great set and the crowd was very loud and enthusiastic in a good
way. but wait, there's more. as i had secretly hoped, amy came out at the
end of the butchies' set to play laramie and lucy stoners with them. they
said this was the high point of the butchies' careers since they had ig
opening for them, which i guess is kind of funny that ig was in the middle
of the program that night and not the end, but who cares.
can't think of much else to say. must sleep.
- -sam

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