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ig-news-digest      thursday, september 23 2004      volume 07 : number 142

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  [ig-news] new benefit album         [sherlyn koo <>]


date: thu, 23 sep 2004 11:56:25 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] new benefit album

hey folks,

i found an article about a new benefit compilation including ig:,00110005.htm

the album is called "for the lady: dedicated to freeing aung san suu
kyi and the courageous people of burma" and comes out oct 26 on
rhino records.  other artists involved with the project include u2,
pearl jam, coldplay, rem, and travis.

read the full article at the url above (it's two pages long - you'll need
to click on the numbers at the bottom of the page to see the second

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sherlyn koo - - sydney, australia

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