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date: sun, 17 oct 2004 13:14:40 +1000
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subject: [ig-news] lansing show review

hey folks,

here's a review of the east lansing show, from the lansing state
journal.  you can read it online at (all on one line) -


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published october 16, 2004
indigo girls blend beautifully
folk-rock duo had a powerful night; girlyman scored review

by natalie burg
for the lansing state journal

the prolific, grammy-winning, activist duo the indigo girls took the
wharton center stage thursday on a simple set: amy ray and emily
saliers stood side-by-side, playing an ever-changing lineup of
stringed instruments.

and the crowd's reaction to them was simple, as well: simply

the indigo girls are known for their large and faithful community of
fans, and the east lansing show was no exception.

old favorites such as "power of two" were not only sung along with,
but the crowd would burst into a frenzy from the first chords. and for
songs such as "closer to fine" and "galileo," the initially subdued
crowd took over for whole verses.

drawing from nine original albums of material, it was no surprise
their set was lengthy, but it was also well-rounded - and the audience
knew almost every song.

the powerful effect these women have on their fans is easy to
understand once you've seen them live. their folky music is honest and
beautiful. ray's smooth, alto voice slides easily beneath saliers'
higher vocals, and their harmonies were well-suited to the guitar

known for their activism as much as their music, ray and saliers were
chatty during the show. ray talked about her trip earlier that day to
the parkwood ymca and encouraged people to patronize the ymca because
they offer domestic partner memberships; saliers added her plug for
applebee's, which offers "salad bars and domestic partner benefits."

saliers also wore a t-shirt with an unprintable anti-bush sentiment
that elicited cheers.

their music does much of the talking, though. in their own lyrics, the
indigo girls exemplify why their fan base is so strong and empowered
by them. in "let it be me," saliers encouraged the crowd, "if the
world is night, shine my life like a light."

opening bands rarely warrant a mention in a concert review. but
girlyman, who opened for the indigo girls, deserves some attention.

the trio - doris muramatsu, ty greenstein and nate borofsky -
delivered harmonic perfection. the two women and one man alternated
instruments and vocal leads through a fun mix of folk, bluegrass and
funk-inspired tunes.

their set opened with a beautiful cover of paul simon's "born at the
right time," then went on to include several original songs, a
side-spitting snippet of christina aguilera's "genie in a bottle"
woven into their original song "hey rose" and a funky spin on the
dusty springfield favorite, "son of a preacher man," sung by borofsky.

though they were promoting their first album as a trio, their future
is certainly bright.

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