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date: fri, 22 oct 2004 10:20:36 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] sioux city show review

hey folks,

here's a review from the sioux city journal - shame the turnout was so
low!  you can find this article online at (long url, needs to be all on one
line) -


- ---begin forwarded article---
indigo girls deliver big show to small crowd
by jesse claeys, journal staff writer

a small turnout at the orpheum theatre did little to deter the indigo girls
when they brought their brand of folk music to sioux city wednesday night.

"it feels like we have the place to ourselves tonight," emily saliers, one half
of the indigo girls, said at the conclusion of the duo's first song.

the theatre had the vibe of kids in a school building without any teachers
around throughout the show. with half of the floor's seats empty and many of
the balcony seats vacant, all the space created an intimate setting where
saliers and fellow indigo girl amy ray had ongoing dialogues with the crowd in
between tunes that spanned their entire career.

the set was a balance between the two singer/songwriters. the set ping ponged
between songs penned by ray and those written by saliers. the fast paced "go"
driven by ray's chops balanced nicely with "power of two" carried by saliers's
vocals. and so the night went.

early on during the over-75-minute performance, ray's voice was scratchy at
times, but may have only been noticeable because ray and saliers were mostly
alone on stage with only their voices and an endless parade of stringed

vocals were strong on "closer to fine," which moved people to their feet upon
hearing the opening notes. girlyman, the three-piece acoustic band that opened
last night, joined the indigo girls on stage for three songs, including "closer
to fine." during the song, the indigo girls sang a verse, girlyman sang a
verse and the crowd sang the last one.

the moment may have proved there is nothing finer than a crowd comprised mostly
of women with decent voices singing into the inviting acoustics of the orpheum

some may have expected the duo who performed on a few stops of ani difranco's
"vote dammit!" tour and are well know for their political activism to talk
about the upcoming elections during the show; but they were only mentioned in
passing, with saliers asking if everyone was registered before breaking into
"hammer and a nail."

the small gathering allowed for every person with a request to clearly voice
their pick to the indigo girls, and, at one point, for a guy to tell the
ladies he was from seattle. the intimacy increased when, after two people
tossed stuffed animals on stage, ray revealed something personal.

"i can't throw stuffed animals out because i think they are alive," she said,
possibly joking before describing a climate-controlled room at her home filled
with the fluffy things.

saliers dropped a local note saying she had dinner at sioux city eatery sweet
fanny's tuesday night and asked if the waitress who served her was at the
show. she was and was thanked for bringing a few friends along with her.

when all was played and sung, there was plenty of love in the big theatre
coming from a small group of indigo girl fans wednesday night. it's just too
bad there were not more people to join in.

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