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date: sat 6-nov-2004 5:38pm
subject: [ig-news] stamford, ct ...

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while i am a posting machine right now, i wanted to point out that last night in
stamford, ct was a really good show! i know it has been said before, but girlieman is awesome! by far the best opener i have ever seen with ig ( i really loved the kim richey shows) they are so talented and amusing, they were great to watch. it is obvious that ig really love them, they came out on stage and did get out the map, perfect world, closer to fine, and an absolutely beautiful version of finlandia. the crowd was pretty into it [...]  when the girls first came out i think they were not sure how to read the crowd, giving the disappointment from the past week ( not for everyone, i understand,but a large majority of us felt very depressed) everyone was kind of skirting the election issue, girlieman m
ade some references, and when emily came out, and asked the crowd favorite
"how you doing" she seemed surprised at the response. she had what she referred to as "election hangover" and they talked a bit about disappointed they had with their fellow man, and how once again, all attention is focused on the south. amy says it is so hard not to be angry at them, and it is "her family so it makes it really hard" emily said that they were happy to be on th east coast, she called thier "blue state tour"
anyhow, i am not great at song lists, or fashion reports. amy did two new songs driver education, and let me go easy, i noticed some people signing along with these songs, but i have never heard them, both very good.
high points for me emily did our deliverance, collecting you, and philosophy of loss, watershed. amy did an awesome version of land of canaan. that is all i can remember, it was an 8 hour round trip from new hampshire to stamford, but it was worth it. [...]
peace & love,


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