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date: sun 7-nov-2004 1:55pm
subject: [ig-news] rhode island quickie....

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just a quick note to talk about last night's show at lupo's heartbreak hotel.
awesome! [...] a few notes they played a lot of songs from cos, go, get out the map (with girlyman), gone again ( hooray) and the song that emily wrote for her sister , the name escapes me right now. the girls were energetic, and you could clearly see the reaction from the crowd, really made them happy! and it must also be mentioned, that and i realize it has
been said before, i can die now because i got to  heard my all time favorite song ever.......that is right they broke out < drum roll please> mona lisa's and mad hatters!!!! it was perfect, and we were so floored to get to hear it live! i have now seen elton john, ann & nancy wilson and the indigo girls perform that live, it is safe to say i can go peacefully! again, i am not very good at set lists, or fashion, girls were clothes....songs, were great! i hope everyone has fun in ny, and we will see you all again in nh! hi to the people in line, thanks for making standing outside in the cold fun!
take care,


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