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date: wed 10-nov-2004 10:20pm
subject: [ig-news] keene nh recap

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hey everyone.

did anyone else in keene think think that last night's show was one of the best they've seen besides me?  it was definitely a sit down crowd last night, but the energy flowing from a&e to the crowd, and visa versa,  was amazing, the sound was perfect, their voices perfection... [...]

the show started out with amy not being able to hear emily in her ear thingys.  e was playing along, not realizing that a had a problem.  pretty funny.  she seemed surprised when a didn't join in.  later on amy broke a string during let it ring, said shit, and sully brought her another mandolin to start the song again.  she didn't tell a story before one song, said that emily would appreciate her not telling the story.  [...]  i don't remember all the songs, but heard watershed, (i just love when amy sings the first line of the chorus and her vibrato sounds just so...perfect...up on the watershed....), let it ring, ctf (with trina from three5human - awesome opening band!!!!!) tether (again with three5human) opened the show, gotm, soy, pot, ghost....such a great show.

any other reviews?

"the thing that's most important for me is to remember what's the most important thing."  president bush - st. louis,  february 20, 2001

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