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date: thu 11-nov-2004 3:27pm
subject: [ig-news] ig at red bank

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hi folks,

i was at the red bank show last night and thought i'd post a brief review to
this list. the girls were in very good form, and i think emily's voice may
have been the best i've heard it in a long time. she really was hitting the
high notes and holding notes for a long time. amy smiled a lot and danced
around the stage.

the opening band, three5human, was pretty awesome, but the music drowned out
the vocals. this was a shame, because the lead singer, trina, had a great
set of pipes, and the lyrics that i could make out were interesting. emily
joined them for vocals on one song and amy and emily came out and did tether
with them. i noticed on tether that emily let the three5human guitarist take
the lead. i thought that was interesting.

ig came on after a brief break. the set list:

fill it up again
hammer and a nail
perfect world
power of two
shame on you
the wood song
heartache for everyone
love's recovery
become you
collecting you
let me go easy (new song)
least complicated
rodeo (??--new song, just amy)
- ------
hey rose (sung by girlyman)
- ----
get out the map
dairy queen
our deliverance
closer to fine
- -------

not as much of the new cd as i would've thought and no free in you :-(. the
band for the songs varied; some were just amy and emily, some were them plus
an accordion player, and some were the girls plus the members of girlman
with or without the accordion player. the accordion was most excellent on
love's recovery; it really brought some new life to that song. heartache for
everyone was played with just a+e and it was an amazing rendition. dairy
queen was also just the two of them, and emily played the mandolin. that
seemed unusual to me and i can't remember ever seeing emily play mandolin
before. can someone tell me if she usually does? our deliverance was
especially moving tonight and cheers went up at the "love your neighbor as
yourself line." all the additional players plus trina of three5human joined
the girls for closer to fine. finlandia, which i'd never heard before, was
a+e plus girlyman. it was so moving and a fitting way to close this
post-election show. my eyes teared up, i'll admit it.

anyway, it was a great show and i got to hear four songs i've never heard
the girls perform before (including devotion, one of my all-time faves). the
audience was a little too chattery, but otherwise it was a great night.

keep posting the reviews and set lists folks.

tom m.

"can you mr. bush light the sage"
- --- tori amos, "indian summer"

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