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  [ig-news] emily's dad on public radio show "speaking of faith"  [moondust@]


date: sun 21-nov-2004 3:12pm
subject: [ig-news] emily's dad on public radio show "speaking of faith"

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
mailing list at  not exactly ig news, but definitely

hey i was driving around this afternoon i caught part of radio show
'speaking of faith'. the show plays here in milwaukee on wednesdays and
sundays on one of our public radio stations.

anyhow, today's show was called 'at table: the meaning of communion'. it
looks at the social significance of behind the concept of communion. one of
the show's guests is none other than don saliers. of what i caught, while
driving, it was an interesting show, especially with thanksgiving

the show can be heard online at

and yes, emily is mentioned, but only in relation to the book she worked on
with her dad.


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