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this is in today and will be in the cape paper
tomorrow (monday).

a great show as usual.  i'm sure someone else will post the playlist.  
the girls looked great, sang great and the melody tent was a-rockin.  
three5human rocked as well.  i do have to say that  despite the review
below, the crowd was  not "stumped" by winthrop.  we were mezermized
and thrilled to be hearing it live:)


june 12, 2005
indigo girls - a melody tent singalong
by susan milton
staff writer
hyannis - saturday night, i was the only person in the melody tent who
didnt know the words to the songs sung by the indigo girls, the
opening concert of the summer season.
nobody had told me there was a new requirement for concert-going.
out of curiousity, i had signed up to review the duo, singers for over
20 years with a reputation for delivering good music. and, after all,
indigo is one of my favorite words.

i first knowingly heard indigo girls in boys on the side  the 1995
tear-jerker of a movie. their power of two was one of my favorite
songs on that excellent soundtrack of women singers such as bonnie
raitt, cheryl crowe and the cranberries. that sweet ballad of harmony
... adding up the total of a love thats true, multiply life by the
power of two, surprised me because i had thought the indigo girls
were more hard rock. of course, i also had heard, closer to fine,
their first hit in 1989 on the epic label for which amy ray and emily
saliers had won a grammy for best contemporary fold recording. i just
didnt know they were singing it until i dug into their history.
they met in grade school in decatur, ga., started singing together in
high school, split for a bit to go to different colleges, then
reconnected to begin a career of singing and playing thats lasted for
over two decades and eight albums, at least.
saturday night i also learned is that the indigo girls, those
troubadours of troubled hearts and good conscience, dont even need to
sing at their own concert. their loyal fans sing - and they did a very
good job through 16 songs and three encores before the melody tents
10:30 p.m. curfew.
and who knew there would be tests? frequently amy ray and emily
saliers of indigo girls would stop singing and the tent chorus didnt
miss a syllable.
>from their first hit and perhaps best-known song, closer to fine,
recorded in 1989 for epic, to heartache for everyone from their 2004
cd, the indigo girls had all the back-up vocals they needed in the
melody tent where they played, just the two of them, without their
usual back-up band.
the only time the crowd was stumped was on songs from their new cd,
rarities. emily saliers sang winthrop a melancholy ballad that
refers to the massachusetts town, and accompanied herself on the
keyboard. as usual, the lyrics are complex and thoughtful - in the
coffee deep night black i hear the dim roar of the last plane out and
for someone there is someone never coming back.
among the highlights of the concert was the excellent instrumentals -
guitar, mandolin and banjo - and the often heart-piercing harmony
between the two voices on stage.
the capacity crowd was dancing in the aisles to shame on you and
saliers great guitar-picking. in a request, placed on the stage, the
indigo girls played get out the map about separation and traveling.
it was for an iraqi exchange student at falmouth academy, ruba k. ali,
who was leaving the cape for home the next morning at 6:30 a.m.
i think about your country every day, saliers told her, in a rare
otherwise, the business-like duo from georgia said little other than
thanks, yall all night and managed to finish before the melody
tents 10:30 p.m. curfew.
it wasnt easy, thanks to sound problems that also sandbagged their
opening act, three5human. talented lead singer trina meades vocals
didnt make it off stage, which left listeners puzzled but enjoying
the great beat of their hard-driving rock and roll.

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