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  [ig-news] amazon rarities review     ["ryan simantel" <>]


date: sun, 19 jun 2005 23:54:30 edt
from: "ryan simantel" <>
subject: [ig-news] amazon rarities review

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yikes, amazon gave ig kind of a harsh review of rarities. check it out:

editorial reviews
have the indigo girls hit the doldrums?  their concerts of late often prove
to not only be lackluster, but dated, as  singer/songwriter/guitarists amy ray
and emily saliers veer dangerously close to  seeming more like relics than
icons. part of that stems from their reliance on  familiar material, as if their
writing has slowed to a trickle. now comes more  suggestion of that in
rarities, an album made up of leftovers, odds and  ends, demos, other previously
unreleased material, and contributions to side  albums. the good news is that
there is much here to enjoy, all of it wrapped in  the girls' trademark
corduroy-and-silk harmonies. their demo version of "ghost"  is fraught with fevered
longing, a remix of "shed your skin" delights with its  swirling, hypnotic
soundscape, and the cameos by _michael stipe_
(   ("i'll give you my skin")
and _ani difranco_
(   ("ramblin' round") resonate with artistry and
star power. but the 18-song album  bloats with less-than-sparkling cuts (for
example, a cacophonous rendering of _vic chesnutt_
( 's "free of hope,"
two early and undistinguished songs from both  emily and amy, and a
techno-meets-country remix of "free in you"). in the end,  this is more a collector's
disc than a window on the duo's "rarest" moments.  --alanna nash


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