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  [ig-news] amy interview in new issue of altar magazine  ["robbin r love" <]


date: thu, 30 jun 2005 11:44:22 -0400
from: "robbin r love" <>
subject: [ig-news] amy interview in new issue of altar magazine

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

the latest issue of altar magazine, a feminist magazine out of brooklyn,
ny, has an interview with amy. i haven't bought a copy yet, but it can be
purchased online at their website,, or at a
handful of stores across the country (listed on the website).

issue #5's table of contents:

interviews with:
* amy ray, of indigo girls fame
* jennifer baumgardner & amy richards, co-authors of "manifesta"
and "grassroots"
* hassan zee, director of night of henna
* haven coalition

* an activist in diapers: a mother's first protest with her daughter
by jessica debalzo
* the graying of gay america
by nina braten
* ovum: tales of egg donation
by sunny daly
* just a john? pornography and men's choices
by robert jensen
* art as an antidote to war
by leslie donado
* feminism and gender binaries
by stephanie basile
* fishing: the new resource way
by robert ovetz
* first comes love... but what if i don't want marriage?
by sarah herrington
* the global local: migrant identity and struggles in aotearoa/ new
zealand by shasha pinkit
and more!


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