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  [ig-news] humphrey's - san diego 06 july 2005  ["diane wong" <arle@hotmail]


date: wed, 6 jul 2005 23:30:30 -0700
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subject: [ig-news] humphrey's - san diego 06 july 2005

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hey intimate strangers,

woohoo!  what a concert---i love hearing amy and emily again after not
hearing them for a whole year.  it was a beautiful afternoon, and i arrived
at humphrey's for dinner.  and just like clockwork, indigo girls were doing
their soundcheck - playing get out the map with girlyman.

i had never heard girlyman before, and those giving reports before--thank
you, they were awesome!  they have such great harmony, and each of them are
really talented.  emily introduced them.

born at the right time (cover)
when we were on the air
let you go
young james dean
this is me
hey rose
never far enough away
the son of a preacher man

thai (the brunette with blond streaks in her hair) said, before she played
"young james dean", how she hates public restrooms.  she goes into the
women's restroom, and they tell her to get out of there, and same thing
happens in the men's restroom.  so, one day, she bought a small sparkly
barrette that she wore on her hair, and the women welcomed her to the
bathroom with open arms!  she's so cute.  doris is asian with long hair, and
started off the evening wearing a cowboy hat--my friend commented that she
was wearing a pretty long skirt.  nate is killer--he is such the sensitive,
rocking-type guy, bold with his makeup and blond hair.  really great band.
they signed their cds during the intermission.

after i bought the sleeveless red tee (indigo girls - font from rarities on
front, and girls play here with a little target on the back) for $15,
everyone was chatting away.  then amy, in her blue and yellow short sleeve
plaid shirt over beige pants, and emily, in her yellow shirt over olive tee
and blue jeans, came out.  all beaming and smiles.  probably from a day or
two of southern california sun.  hey, i'm biased *wink*

hammer and a nail
fill it up again
power of two
dairy queen
thin line
get out the map*
cold beer and remote control
shame on you
closer to fine*
perfect world
let it ring
virginia woolf
land of canaan
prince of darkness


*with girlyman (maybe there was one more song with them)

both amy and emily love playing at humphrey's.  you could tell they missed
being onstage for the break in their touring.  the highlights for me were
joking, thin line, winthrop, let it ring, virginia woolf, prince of
darkness.  emily ripped it powerfully during her guitar solo on chickenman.
and let it ring was so resonant and raw.

i wonder what's on the dinner plate for tomorrow.  maybe they will play mona
lisas and the madhatters.  someone requested it tonight, and amy was trying
to find a place to fit it in.

another report manana.
til then,

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