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date: fri, 08 jul 2005 02:55:26 -0400
from: (lorna)
subject: [ig-news] indigos, lawmakers link for lpfm

(note: this hearing took place last month. i just found this article via prometheus radio's site and wanted to share, for anyone in the usa interested what's going on with this issue that a&e have been involved with for quite some time.)

indigos, lawmakers link for lpfm legislation
june 09, 2005
by tony sanders
billboard radio monitor


the indigo girls, amy ray and emily saliers, peformed to a packedc room of about 150 congressional lawmakers, staffers and interest group representatives, gathered to hear the artists and to learn more about proposed legislation designed to expand low power fm's reach across the country and to elevate the broadcast service's status.

the proposed legislation--the community radio act of 2005--is currently only in draft form, but will be introduced by rep. louise slaughter (d-ny), in about two weeks, according to her spokesman, karl frisch.

frish told billboard radio monitor the bill will charge the fcc with using "every means available to protect the 600 [lpfm] stations currently operating" against encroachment by larger stations.

the draft language of the bill will also represent the fcc "make available as rapidly as possible the ramaining thousands of lpfm licenses for the rest of he country, and that the public's interest will be taken into account as these licenses are distributed." the draft language emphasized the importance of taking the public's interest into account, but didn't include any specifics on the subject.

thursday morning, (june 9), rep. slaughter, rep. mary bono (r-ca) and rep. jan schalowsky (d-il), spoke to the gathering in support of the legislation that slaughter said will protect lpfms from being bought out by a few "mega owners."

rep. schakowsky echoed that point when she told the crowd, "it's critical that we protect lpfm from being bought out by a few big corporations." the congresswoman also specifically raised the issue of alleged illegal trafficking in fm translator applications by three "front companies" she said made an $800,000 profit. the lawmaker called the events a "scandal" and said she was disturbed "not only" by the profit from "selling the public's spectrum, but they also sold it to people with only one point of view."

other speakers included former full-power radio broadcaster jim price, who now owns and operates southern gospel wbfc-lp (103.7) in boynton, ga. price said that, without help from legislation, his secondary-status lpfm may be forced off the air by the encroachment of a full-power fm that he says has chosen to move onto the 103.7 frequency.

other speakers include common cause president chellie pingree and jenny toomey and michael bracy from the future of music coalition.  

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date: fri, 8 jul 2005 03:43:53 -0700
from: "diane wong" <>
subject: [ig-news] the vault 350 - long beach, ca 07 july 2005

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally sent to
the indigo girls mailing list at]

hello again,


girlyman had a similar set to last night, so writing it down was easy.

born at the right time (paul simon cover)
on the air
say goodbye
young james dean
this is me
hey rose
postcards from mexico
son of a preacher man (cover)

during the break, ?theresa and sulli were running around the stage checking
the guitar sounds and the microphones; even cleaning the mics.  the stage is
flanked by two large screens--for optimal viewing pleasure. ;)

fill it up again
heartache for everyone
power of two
get out the map*
moment of forgiveness
everything in its own time
perfect world*
least complicated
world falls
the wildest times of the world
closer to fine**
shame on you
wood song
dairy queen
driver education
virginia woolf

baby don't you break my heart slow

*with girlyman
**with girlyman and vonda shepard

power of two was dedicated to chris and donna.  someone told me that amy
almost fell when she was leaning to one side during a song.  on perfect
world, amy forgot the lyrics to the last verse and the audience helped her
out.  she smiled and joined in.  there were many sing-along songs tonight.
world falls was requested for someone, and they put it on the setlist a day
early!  it was so wonderful to hear.  (that song and dead man's hill are
among my top five from amy.)


i had seen vonda standing in sulli's corner of technology, but her face
didn't register until amy started saying, "we have a very special guest
tonight--she lives in l.a." nate had taken away tai's large bongo-like drum
that was in front of the yamaha keyboard.  [...]

on winthrop, emily was playing the introduction on the piano, and she said,
"fucked it up already--" and started over.  that is such a sweet song.

when amy played driver education, i thought, "hey--she debuted that song at
san diego last year."

closer to fine - nate again stepped up to the plate and whistled the piccolo
part, and vonda sang the last verse.

after the show, i took a look at the setlist, and they didn't change
anything during the show in terms of songs.  [...]

have fun in reno!


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