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hey kids,

here's an article from the daily republic, which i think is from napa
(?).  you can read it online at (long url, should be all on one line):


- ---begin forwarded article---
indigo girls bring "rarities" to napa

by andrea garcia
fairfield - maybe it's time to enjoy the "b" side of life.

grammy-award winning duo the indigo girls are back with their latest
album, "rarities," a collection of never-released demos, hard-to-find
covers and some other compilations that never quite made the popular
radio play.

the 18 tracks were selected by singers/songwriters/guitarists amy ray
and emily saliers and features covers by rod stewart and the clash as
well as appearances by ani difranco and tom morello.

the american folk-rock duo, who will be performing at the napa valley
opera house at 8 p.m. wednesday, began their musical journey more than
two decades ago in athens, ga., and are both musically and politically
active. among others, they have championed the causes of the
environment, gay rights and the rights of native americans.

ray, who doesn't seem to mind the back-to-back concert dates, takes
some time before their gig in long beach to discuss their 15th album,
"rarities," her inspirations and a smidgen of her personal life.

how did the "rarities" album come together?

actually, sony epic record label wanted us to do one more release on
our contract. we wanted something that would be more retrospective and
for the fans. first we contacted our fans through our e-mail list and
made a list of what they said. we listened to a bunch of tapes and cds
and recordings of our shows, things that were not out in records, and
we picked what we liked.

is there a track you wanted that didn't make the cut?

not really. it's really geared towards things you couldn't get
elsewhere, that was the focus, almost the theme.

"let me go easy," is a track recorded last year but is on this album.

it's a live version of the song, a song that we recorded for our last
record, but the production wasn't right, the arrangement wasn't right
and we took it off. i brought it back in a different arrangement, more
original, more simple.

the song has a special meaning for you, right?

it's about a friend. she was a great person, a friend of the activist
community, a native american who worked on to honor the earth. we
visited a couple of times during the final stages and these were just
thoughts and i wrote a song. at some point i felt she was tired of
fighting (had ovarian cancer). she had been a strong warrior for so
many causes and at some point someone has got to be allowed to leave.

the clash is an inspiration to you?

definitely, both politically and musically. we both love them and that
song ("clampdown") really, to me, lends itself to an acoustic
arrangements. all their songs are so musical you can do them a lot of

you seem to have a crazy touring schedule.

it's not that bad because we don't normally do this, although we tour
a lot. as your career changes - we're not as big as we were - we just
don't want to overplay some areas.

do you prefer smaller venues?

i do better at smaller venues. but if you play at a big place, like
the greek theatre in berkeley, no doubt that's one of my favorite
venues, you can get an intimate venue and have it sound good. but most
large venues are not as good. i've always been comfortable in smaller
venues. in front of 8,000 people, i just get so nervous now, i didn't
used to before. things changed.

another record in the future?

yeah, we're talking about timing, when we'll have our songs finished.
maybe late winter or early spring.

are you going back to your solo career? (released two solo albums).

i'll do a solo tour in october, then emily and i will tour together in

is it difficult for two women to work together all these years?

it's fine, we've been together since 1980 when we started in high
school. anyone who works together this long, regardless of gender,
become like family. you don't really hang out together except for
certain times during the year . . . we're really like sisters but it
doesn't feel like what people think of, like a circle of friends that
are so emotionally tied. the gender thing isn't happening anymore.

what's your opinion about the new breed of singers?

in general with music, i tend to stay away from the corporate music. i
tend to look at the stuff that has real substance. i like usher and
the black eyed peas and there are some r&b artists that are undeniable

in any era, there will be pop music that's contrived. i used to love
the partridge family! and that was corporate.

do you ever have family or friends request that you play for them?

yeah, it happens but it's rare now. my mom will ask me to play a song
that she hasn't heard for a while if the grandkids are there and i
don't mind that. but sometimes i'll have a distant relative ask me to
do a party and i just say no. that's not what music is for. but when
it's with my friends, and we're all around a bonfire, we sing and play
the guitar.

who is amy?

i have no idea. i can't articulate who i am.

would you like to add anything?

we have a great opening band called the girlie man, a three-part
harmony, acoustic trio. they're amazing and fun. it's a great show and
people might like that they stopped by early.

reach andrea garcia at 427-6935 or

'the indigo girls'
8 p.m. wednesday
napa valley opera house, 1030 main st., napa
226-7372 or

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