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  [ig-news] seattle 7/20                ["amy m." <>]


date: sat, 23 jul 2005 19:46:30 -0600
from: "amy m." <>
subject: [ig-news] seattle 7/20

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anyone have a setlist for wednesday's show? i managed to compile an incomplete one (with absolutely no order whatsoever). just curious to see if i missed's what i got:

fill it up again
heartache for everyone
dairy queen
power of two
least complicated
shame on you
let me go easy
closer to fine (w/sarah b.)
prince of darkness
our deliverance
kid fears
get out the map
driver education (amy)
winthrop (emily)

did they do virginia woolf and gone again, or was it just my imagination? :0)

sooooo jealous they played lwcty on tuesday. my love for sarah bettens, coupled with the limited size of my wallet, forced me to only go to the wed. show. that show was great, however. maybe any dedicated fan who has a setlist would also have a boot? if only to hear emily say "fuck" in the middle of prince of darkness when she messed up the words. :0) too cute!


amy m.

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