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  [ig-news] (both igc and nigc) update on june lcra2005 event  [culturediva8]


date: fri, 19 aug 2005 18:58:14 -0400
from: (lorna)
subject: [ig-news] (both igc and nigc) update on june lcra2005 event

this is from the future of music coalition's newsletter #42, which was
posted this week.

* house of representatives *

on june 9, the indigo girls performed on capitol hill in support of
rep. louise slaughter's (d-ny) introduction of a companion version of
the local community radio act of 2005 in the house. rep. slaughter
announced the bill, which has bipartisan support, in front of a crowd
of lawmakers and staffers including rep. mary bono (r-ca) and rep.
schakowsky (d-il).
[an official introduction of the bill in the house is forthcoming.]

photos of the indigo girls at this hill event:

in case anyone is interested (this is now nigc), the future of music
coalition  is hosting a future of music policy summit at lisner
auditorium-george washington university, washington, dc on september
11-13, 2005. some of the more "notable" panelists taking part include:

fcc commissioner jonathan adelstein
senator maria cantwell (d-wa)
representative rick boucher (d-va)

and music notables-

producer and songwriter joe henry (most recently produced ani
difranco's latest)
melissa ferrick
and mike mills of r.e.m.

the complete list of confirmed panelists/speakers is at:

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