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  [ig-news] long, wordy reviews--milwaukee/chicago night 1 of 3  ["greg flam]


date: mon, 19 sep 2005 02:49:42 -0500
from: "greg flamer" <>
subject: [ig-news] long, wordy reviews--milwaukee/chicago night 1 of 3

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally sent to
the indigo girls mailing list at]

life is busy but always time for ig when they come close to chicago.  i
was waiting for deb r to post her review of last week's milwaukee show
at the regal pabst center.  since she scooped up the actual setlist
(which they do give out!) she will have to post the songs (where are
you deb?!).  i heard the pabst was a cool venue so it seemed worth the
drive to milwaukee to dine and show with my bud, deb.  it also didn't
hurt that deb scored near front row seats.  3 5 human opened up and
really rocked out.  trina, the lead singer, really has some personality
and a great voice to boot.

i found the milwaukee crowd to be quiet and they only stood up in
unison at ctf which was disappointing.  [...]  the girls played a long set
and didn't comment or seem to mind the subdued crowd.  i mean there was
very little singing along.  i don't think i've heard emily sing all the
lines of watershed in 5-6 years.  not a problem--just bizarre.  but
since the crowd wasn't making noise, it made the girls chattier for
some reason.  emily talked a lot, said fuck in regard to
something...sorry my mind is hazy as it was last wednesday (deb,
help!).  amy was quiet but explained that she was doing web research
all night and her mind was mush.  she also told an amusing story about
how her house is filled with stray pets and she vowed not to take
anymore in unless they walked up to her door.  and somehow they keep
finding her door.  it was sweet.  oh yeah, emily talked about bowling
at the landmark the previous night which i guess is a milwaukee site.
she said they fuckin sucked at bowling i think :).

they played some surprises including happy birthday for a girl up front
per request.  random song of the decade was soon to be nothing (it's so
random i'm not sure that's the title).  the seemed receptive to
requests all night and kept saying they'd learn those for the future
cities.  pretty sure they played gone again instead of ozilline per
request.  land of canaan and three hits were songs i hadn't heard in
awhile.  it was all acoustic which was nice too.

highlight had to be the encore playing tether with 3 5 human.  trina
sang some of the leads and she rocked it out.  it was moving and
powerful.  then midnight train to georgia.  it was great.

sunday night brought the girls to chicago's park west theater for the
first of three nights.  the park west is a tiny place but looks like a
wedding reception area on the inside.  it's a mess of cushioned seats,
placed down chairs and standing areas.  it's like a vegas comedy club
where they seat you and serve drinks on small tables.  [...]
casey neill (?) opened up and i'll just be kind and say i
didn't buy his cd afterwards.

the chicago crowd was awesome.  they knew every word and were raucous.
a and e were very smiley and seemed surprised that everyone was even
singing along to heartache for everyone (the oh oh's sounded good in
unison).  but sadly, they were very quiet and shared few stories.
emily said fuck again, only this time it was describing trina from 3 5
human after she had joined them for ctf.  she said she is fucking
unbelievable or something along those lines.  has e always been such a
potty mouth?  btw, trina was amazing.  i think ig should make a whole
cd with trina singing on their big hits.  she totally makes the songs.
ctf exciting again?  i never thought it would be.  amy screwed up big
time in the middle of dairy queen .  i've seen them screw up at the
beginning of a song but never halfway through.  she apologized and said
the great singing had distracted her and she could only do a few things
at once.  it was humorous.

3 5 human didn't open but came out for the encore.  they did one of
their songs and then tether and midnight train again.  just awesome
again.  scooter boys was the only song they played that was a big
surprise.  collecting you was played much to my delight.  [...]

a and e seemed perplexed by the huge disco ball hanging over the
audience that started spinning during a few songs--bizarre!  [...]

can't believe i have two more shows in town.  i'll try to post about
those too.  i feel like a college student again, seeing ig 4 times in 2
weeks.  it's awesome.  til tomorrow--greg

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