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date:         fri, 30 jun 2006 07:16:07 -0600
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subject:      old list logs inquiry
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hey all,

hope this finds everyone doing well :   )

i am working on a project and would very much like to find copies of the
list logs for the mit and ohio state indigo girls mailing lists from back
in the early 90s.  i checked in with stephen spencer from the ohio state
list a few years ago and he did not have copies, and have lost touch with
niki pantelias who used to be the admin for the mit list.  in addition, the
searches i have done on the internet have not turned up anything yet, so i
thought i would share what i know in case anyone out there might have
copies or might know of somewhere where they are stored:

ohio state list:

mit list:
archives used to be stored at:    (

thanks very much,


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