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  [ig-news] two new official mailers...  ["sherlyn koo" <sherlyn@pixelopolis]


date: tue, 14 mar 2006 15:54:52 +1100 (est)
from: "sherlyn koo" <>
subject: [ig-news] two new official mailers...

hey kids,

two official mailers came through within a couple of minutes of each other
today.  i've included them both below...


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subject: indigo girls: growing in the spiritual life!
from:    "indigo girls" <>
date:    tue, march 14, 2006 1:29 pm
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growing in the spiritual life with emily and don saliers on "music and song as
spiritual practice," and with anne lamott and many others! september 7-9,
2006, atlanta
or email for a brochure
or write gsl, po box 1866, midlothian, va 23113-1866 for a brochure.


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subject: indigo girls: new notes from amy!
from:    "indigo girls" <>
date:    tue, march 14, 2006 1:31 pm
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"with all kinds of stories still circulating about the government's lack of
meaningful response to the hurricane's devastation, it's hard not to grow numb
and shut it out. but it's important for us to keep the gulf on our minds. the
latest story on the news is disgusting - the search for missing persons keeps
getting stalled by disagreements over who's gonna cover the hotel bills and
other expenses. give me a f**king break!"

read more:


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