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  [ig-news] ig on vonda shepard cd  ["claudine lapsky" <indigo2@blueyonder.c]


date: mon, 8 may 2006 12:05:32 +0100
from: "claudine lapsky" <>
subject: [ig-news] ig on vonda shepard cd

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i don't remember seeing this mentioned before, but i've come across
some ig dvd action on vonda shepard's latest (?) cd.  her "live-a
retrospective" album contains a bonus dvd which includes interviews
with her music and tv friends and a live performances, including "baby,
don't you break my heart slow" with emily.  until i'd seen this
performance, i had never noticed how expressive emily is with her hands
when singing.  i know she is usually playing the guitar or some
instrument, but is this gesticulation due to her really feeling the
song, or just because she doesn't know what to do with her hands!?  

amy is interviewed and tries describing vonda's music.  emily chats
about how she loves that "baby, don't you break my heart slow" song and
how vonda asked her to sing a duet on that one, etc.  pretty cool

no other real news from the uk, so i'll go back to lurkdom now.



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