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date: wed, 05 jul 2006 18:34:17 +1000
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subject: [ig-news] seattle pi show review

hi kids,

here's a review of the seattle show from the post-intelligencer...

- -sherlyn

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seattle post-intelligencer

girls' fans enjoy the past and the future
tuesday, july 4, 2006

music review
indigo girls with danielle howle
where: woodland park zoo
when: sunday night

by shawn telford
special to the p-i

for anyone who went to college in the '90s, the album simply titled
"indigo girls" more than likely played a small if not significant part
in their coming of age. released in february 1989, as grunge was about
to burst forth from its infancy, the athens, ga., duo of amy ray and
emily saliers made their major label debut with a collection of
deceptively minimal acoustic tunes that would unwittingly become one
of the seminal folk-rock records of that era.

with a focus on songwriting, harmonies and dynamic vocal interplay,
the indigo girls have gone on to release nine studio albums, two live
recordings, a retrospective and a collection of rarities. if there was
any question of their mark on the american psyche, these doubts were
laid to rest sunday evening at the zoo.

many of the fans and their families were more than familiar with the
plight of the character personified in the opening song "closer to
fine." apparently, the spirit of this restless seeker who went to the
doctor, the mountains, the children and the fountains is alive, well
and inspiring massive choral accompaniment for the line "the closer i
am to fine."

the set included sneak peeks at "little perennials," "lay my head
down," and "last tears," all from their upcoming album that is slated
for a september release. the latter featured a surprise appearance
from local singer songwriter brandi carlile, who lent her vocals in
the studio as well.

the girls also left carlile alone for an acoustic version of leonard
cohen's "hallelujah," a song jeff buckley covered and subsequently
immortalized before his untimely death in 1997. carlile's attempt to
reclaim the song was formidable.

the road worthy "chickenman" closed the set and, after a short wait,
ray returned for a solo "three county highway." not content to close
on such a quiet note, the girls harkened back to 1992's "rites of
passage" releasing the soul of "galileo" on the willing audience. a
chorus of "how long till my soul gets it right? can any human being
ever reach that kind of light?" filled the park with a playful but
serious fervor. again, this sense of seeking was alive and well and in
this case, dancing across the grass.

south carolina's danielle howle opened with songs from her 2006
release "thank you, mark." a folk rocker in her own right, she has
made other northwest appearances on compilations by sub pop and kill
rocks stars, most notably her track "kill my love for you" on "the
sound the hare heard." though the song wasn't as sharp it is on the
record, her a cappella gospel "jesus won't wait" did win much praise
from the crowd.

shawn telford is a seattle-based freelance writer who can be reached

) 1998-2006 seattle post-intelligencer

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