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date: tue, 25 jul 2006 03:19:17 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fwd: indigo girls: new notes from amy!

hi folks,

here's the latest official mailer...


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from: "indigo girls" <>
date: sun, 23 jul 2006 16:31:12 -0400
subject: indigo girls: new notes from amy!

> sorry about the rain...
> hey to everyone that came out to the lowell, mass. show, we are
> super bummed that we didn't get to keep playing. the power supply
> was sitting in little ponds of water and then went down for the
> count. usually we can play through the rain, so we were as
> surprised as y'all. the park service sends their apologies as well.
> i loved the gathering and what time we did have went swimmingly
> well... hmmm... i wish i had a picture to illustrate this...
> the whole summer tour is going great. the shows have been better
> than ever and it's really because of you. there's something in the
> air, i think people are trying to come together and make community,
> and show support for each other. i can hear it in your voices and
> see it when you're up dancing.
> this fall is going to be amazing. we have a band going out with us
> for the first time in years, so there are a lot of songs we'll get
> to do that we haven't been doing. and also, the new record will be
> represented in a rocking light. unfortunately, pink is not in the
> band, but we're gonna try and drag her out some where. we'll still
> do a lot of acoustic duo music too. this is the best of both worlds
> for us and we are psyched.
> remember record due date is september 19th.
> a ray
> 7-22-06
> p.s. happy birthday to emily!
> ---

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date: tue, 25 jul 2006 04:40:17 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] lowell sun article

hey folks,

here's an article from the lowell sun about the concert and washout.  you can
read it online at


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short soaker cuts off indigo girls, leaving summer music series audience wet and

by kathleen deely, sun staff
lowell sun

lowell -- at boarding house park thursday night, amy ray and emily saliers of
the indigo girls wove beautiful tapestries of their finely crafted ballads for a
flawless 50 minutes. and then came the rain, turning the biggest show in the
history of the lowell summer music series into an instant washout.

after a soul-affirming version of "your ghost," the sold-out crowd of college
students, lovers and friends got a refreshing shower that perked up the staid
scene. instead of dampening spirits, the precipitation urged the group to their
feet to dance under the drops and the makings of a mini-woodstock broke out.

but as the drizzle started to sizzle, the band's crew dashed frantically to
cover equipment, wires and a stack of 40 vintage guitars and mandolins in the
wings of the stage with tarps.

tucked safely under the overhang, the affable pair seemed unfazed, finishing off
a song with smiles and promising to return. after a pregnant pause, with the
soaking wet crowd hanging in like troupers, it was clear the show would not go

"it's just another memory to file away," said a smiling darrell mackenzie of
townsend, who bought tickets for his wife for mother's day.

others were not quite as sanguine.

"i would have thought they were the type of group that would come back on," said
a clearly disappointed marcia rondeau of shirley.

john marciano, director of the lowell summer music series, said he had to call
the show because the electricity was turned off and it was unsafe to turn it
back on.

as a result, he also couldn't turn a microphone on to tell the crowd the show
was over, using hand gestures to say "see ya later." this fueled confusion and
even anger.

"it stinks. i wish they would keep on playing," said maridath wilson, a
20-year-old umass amherst college student who was hoping to get a refund for the
$25 ticket.

peter aucella, deputy superintendent of the lowell national historical park, is
e-mailing the people who bought tickets online to offer them a rain check this
summer to any show, with the exception of bruce hornsby and los lobos. those who
were at the show and did not buy tickets online should send e-mail to

since the indigo girls were using high-powered computer-driven equipment, for a
possible inclusion of thursday night's performance on a live cd, they were
worried that it would get wet. and, said aucella, once they shut it down it
would have taken 20 minutes to reboot.

it was a stellar, if short set.

the indigo girls opened with the line: "i'm trying to tell you something about
my life, maybe give me insight between black and white," from their '80s freedom
anthem "closer to fine."

but the best song of the night was the tender "power of two," the edgy love
song, delivered with crystal-clear sonic grace that raised goosebumps.

they introduced some new tunes from their next album, despite our differences,
such as "pendulum swinger" and the stronger of the two, "little perennials."

"it's so good to be here, this is cool," said amy, and they compared the vibe at
the outdoor venue to a town hall.

the crowd gave them the respect they deserve, leaving the place as quiet as a

despite the early ending, we did get to hear "galileo," but not from the
performers. the crowd sang the verse of the indigo girls' hit as the rain

kathleen deely's e-mail address is

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