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  [ig-news] sovo blog re first eddie's attic show  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@pix]


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subject: [ig-news] sovo blog re first eddie's attic show

hi kids,

here's an entry from the sovo blog about the first benefit show at eddie's.  you
can read it online at:

- -sherlyn

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sovo blog
'thanks, y'all'

thursday night proved once again two truths about atlanta's infamous acoustic
music scene: there's no better way to see hometown favorites indigo girls than
in a small venue, and there's no better small venue in the city than eddie's

theres simply nothing like seeing a show at the attic, the infamous decatur
club that is renewing its commitment to providing a "listening atmosphere" for
singer-songwriters under new owner bob ephlin. the best part - you can be just
inches away from amy ray and emily saliers as they walk around the music room,
talking to friends and fans and generously posing for pictures before taking the

you also have easy viewing access to everyone attending the show, which on
thursday included lesbian decatur city commissioner kecia cunningham and her
friends, who were lucky enough to snag one of the prized tables just feet away
from the stage.

indigo girls performed for a sold-out crowd aug. 31 as a fundraiser for friend
and fellow musician janet mclaughlin, who lives in nashville but is well-known
in local music circles. in addition to playing with indigo girls on numerous
occasions, mclaughlin has peformed with artists such as emmylou harris, roseanne
cash, john hartford and john prine.

but thursday night was the first performance for mclaughlin, who played a short
set, since she suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding between the middle
membrane covering of the brain and the brain itself) in december 2005. the show
- - which also included sets by matthew kahler, sandra mccracken, and trina and
tomi from three5human - raised money to help cover her medical expenses.

"my guitar was part of my healing, and my friends and family ... it was just a
very humbling experience," mclaughlin said.

indigo girls took the stage a little after 10 p.m. following an introduction
from eddie owen, founder of the venue. "there wouldn't be an eddie's attic
without emily saliers and amy ray," owen said.

the lesbian folk-rock duo wasted no time in setting the tone for their
performance, inviting trina and mclaughlin to join them as they opened with
their classic closer to fine" - kicking off an intimate, 40-minute set of both
new tunes and old favorites.

saliers' "closer to fine," from the duo's first major-label album (1988's
"indigo girls"), was followed by ray donning harmonica and mandolin for "dairy
queen," from 2004's "all that we let in."

they then launched into four songs from their new album, "despite our
differences," due out sept. 19: "pendulum swinger," "three county highway," "lay
my head down" and "little perennials."

the new songs, while given a stripped-down treatment on the new cd, shone even
more on the attic's small stage, allowing audiences to quickly connect with the
emotionally and politically charged messages despite their unfamiliarity.

"thanks for indulging us on the new stuff - we just really feel like playing
it, you know?" saliers told the crowd.

but fans really lit up when saliers asked a question familiar to all veterans
of indigo girls shows: "y'all feel like singing?"

the duo often stood back from their microphones, letting the audience sing on
two old favorites, "galileo" from 1992's "rites of passage," and "kid fears,"
from "indigo girls," with trina singing the part originally performed by rem's
michael stipe on the album.

as usual, their harmonies were perfect. and the chorus of the crowd hit all the
right notes as well, a standard for any indigo girls concert. after playing
close to an hour, the girls thanked the audience, which launched into an
immediate and thunderous ovation. they returned to the stage for one encore, the
moving ghost from their rites of passage album.

a second show on friday, sept. 1, also sold-out, will benefit the georgia
network to end sexual assault, an organization founded in 1982 that works to
support sexual assault centers and service providers.

indigo girls are also scheduled to play two shows at the tabernacle in atlanta
on oct. 5-6.

(by laura douglas-brown and dyana bagby)

posted by laura douglas-brown, editor for the southern voice| sep. 1 at 2:00 pm

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