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date: mon, 13 nov 2006 19:16:40 +1100
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subject: [ig-news] press-enterprise article

hi folks,

here's an article from the press-enterprise in riverside ca.  you can read it
online at


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girls who take action
indigo girls' latest cd continues their trend of political rock
04:14 pm pst on thursday, november 9, 2006

by paul saitowitz
the press-enterprise

amy ray, the brunette half of the songwriting combo known as the indigo girls,
thinks it would be good for the planet if she and cohort emily saliers had a
radio hit.

ray and saliers are so dedicated to their causes that their music has become
somewhat of a starting point for them to achieve greater goals. they spearhead
an environmental outfit called honor the earth that focuses on native american
land. in addition, they campaign for gay rights and are a part of the national
coalition to abolish the death penalty.

"we've always been activists. ... even before we started playing music together,
we were involved in causes," ray said. "so i think that's just our nature. i
don't believe every artist has the responsibility to use their music as the face
of activism, but in our case, we can use it as a way to reach a greater

their recently released "despite our differences" finds ray and saliers in new
territory. it's their first offering for the disney-owned hollywood records
after 10 albums with epic.

at the new label's urging, the two worked with producer mitchell froom (los
lobos, cibo matto), who changed things up a bit from the way the girls' last few
efforts were done.

"the process was totally different. ... we recorded at mitchell's house in a
relaxing environment, which was a welcome shift from the corporate sterility of
a big expensive studio," ray said. "it was done quickly and organically, which
was refreshing for us."

the result is a heartfelt collection of catchy tunes that stick in your head but
are still tempered with beautiful harmonies and, of course, political messages.
one song called "pendulum swinger," a sugary dose of acoustic pop, is an
anti-war number seemingly aimed at the administration's position in iraq.

the caustic lyrics -- "what we get from your war walk/ticker of the nation
breaking down like a bad clock/i want the pendulum to swing again/so that all
your mighty mandate was just spitting in the wind" -- clothed in lush harmonies
is typical of the girls' approach of getting their point across without hitting
the listener over the head.

most of the other tracks on "despite our differences" touch on more personal
issues of love and loneliness, which according to ray, are as important as he
political statements.

"that's the nature of what we do. as songwriters, we express what we're feeling,
and hopefully, others connect with it," she said. "we're not only thinking about
trying to raise political awareness."

reach paul saitowitz at 951-368-9554 or

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