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date: sat, 18 nov 2006 10:11:50 +1100
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subject: [ig-news] smyrc compilation

hi folks,

here's an article about a new benefit compilation.  not sure of the version of
"dairy queen" on here is the studio version or the live one...

the article's online at:

- -sherlyn

- ---begin forwarded article---
musicians band together to benefit youth - november 17, 2006

this november, sarah doughers independent recording label, cherchez la femme,
will release the safe haven for smyrc compilation cd to benefit the sexual
minority youth resource center (smyrc). the cd features both national and local
acts such as the indigo girls, the decemberists, and pink martini who donated
their songs to support this unique and crucial program for the portland areas
sexual minority youth.

i feel when a musician chooses to make their life public, that person
immediately has a social responsibility to use their visibility for change,
said the decemberists band member chris funk. by including ourselves on this
cd, my band has chosen to stand up for an organization that is crucial for our
city's children and young adults.

funk, and other artists, went beyond contributing music to the project by
helping to design cover art, publicize the cd and coordinate events.

since 1998 smyrc has provided a haven for lesbian, gay, bisexual,
trans-gendered, and questioning (lgbtq) youth. the cd brings together a
diversity of artists including well-known local acts ashleigh flynn and
out, now-defunct electro pop stars le tigre, folksy spoken word hero alix olson,
internationally known post-lounge band pink martini, northwest rock giants the
decemberists, and classic lesbian duo indigo girls. safe haven also features a
track by sleater-kinney, which gives this post-breakup cd the distinction of
being one of the bands (and le tigres) final releases.

im 19 and have been attending smyrc for three years, says one smyrc youth.
smyrc is important to me because in all honesty it has saved my life. its
given me a safe place where i can go and not have to worry about people calling
me names or telling me that who i am is wrong.

at smyrc, queer youth under the age of 24 can sink their teeth into expressing
creatively through art, writing about their life experiences, learning how to
cook healthy food, becoming a leader, and various activities that give them a
chance to support each other, learn from mentors and find a sense of belonging.

safe haven
a compilation cd benefiting the sexual minority youth resource center

song, artist
this old town, amee mccaa
house on fire, lara michell
sypatique, pink martini
lidda bidda bliss, cynthia williams
the poisoned mine, tara jane oneil
you got love, claire bard
ya eyo lubla, irina riykin
serendipity, nicole campbell
augusta, pamela means
leveled, heathen collective
dyke, tamara j. brown
keep on livin, le tigre
sentimental, bethany lars/spiraling infinities
step aside, sleater kinney
juanita, anne weiss
puzzle, vivians keeper
the soldiering life, the decemberists
maybe, maybe not, ashleigh flynn
cool it, sneakin out
dairy queen, indigo girls
cute for a girl, alix olson

album produced by dale schiff, haven coffee shop, with support from chris funk,
natalia kay.

mastering donated by jon cohrs, spleenless mastering.

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