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  [ig-news] fwd: indigo girls:  fl street team volunteers needed  [sherlyn k]


date: wed, 29 nov 2006 12:36:41 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fwd: indigo girls:  fl street team volunteers needed

hi kids,

latest official mailer below...


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date: tue, 28 nov 2006 20:29:24 -0500
from: indigo girls <>
subject: indigo girls:  fl street team volunteers needed


amy and emily are heading down to florida for a few tour dates in january, and
we need volunteers to help make these shows a success.  it's our first
visit to
florida in awhile and we are excited to be coming back!  if you are interested
in being a street team member to help distribute posters and flyers for the
upcoming shows and create excitement for the shows and new album,
please email

here are the details:
1.  we will give volunteers a free pair of tickets.
2.  if you are interested, please notify us no later than monday, december 4.
3.  the subject line must start with your city (very important) and please
only select cities listed below.
4.  please provide us with your mailing address.
5.  you will be notified by wednesday, december 6, if you are selected
to join.
6.  this email address will be shut down by the end of the week.

thank you very much for your support and  your help in getting the
word out!

best regards,

russell carter

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