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date:    fri, 23 mar 2007 17:35:17 +0000
subject: confirm indigo girls

confirm indigo girls

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date:    fri, 23 mar 2007 14:36:00 edt
subject: neil young cover song contest

somehow i thought this might be of some interest here.
for immediate release
march 20, 2007

american laundromat records  and daisy rock guitars announce neil young cove=
song contest

unsigned  female artists can win a spot on a nationally distributed benefit=20
cd, a daisy  rock guitar and more!

stonington, ct - american laundromat records and  daisy rock guitars are=20
co-sponsoring a contest inviting female artists and  female-fronted bands to=
submit a cover version of neil young=e2=80=99s =e2=80=9conly love can  break=
your heart=e2=80=9d to win a=20
daisy rock guitar, consideration for an official  daisy rock endorsement, an=
a guaranteed slot on the upcoming american  laundromat records benefit cd=20=
cinnamon girl - women artists cover neil  young=e2=80=9d.  all proceeds from=
the cinnamon=20
girl project will be donated to  casting for recovery, a national non-profit=
support and educational program for  women who have or have had breast cance=
tanya donelly, jill sobule, the  watson twins, kristin hersh, lori mckenna,=
josie cotton, and britta phillips are  just some of the outstanding female=20
artists covering neil young for the cinnamon  girl benefit cd due out octobe=
r 3,=20

to be eligible, bands must meet  the following requirements:
- have a lead female vocalist, and at least one  female guitarist or bassist
- have a website and/or myspace page, and gig  regularly at local clubs and=20
- be a fan of neil young=e2=80=99s  music

the contest winner will receive:
- a guaranteed spot on the  cinnamon girl benefit cd
- free daisy rock guitar or bass, and consideration  to earn an official=20
daisy rock endorsement
- winner will be announced  worldwide on the american laundromat website and=
myspace page as well as the  daisy rock web site and myspace page

to enter, artists are invited to  submit their cover version of =e2=80=9conl=
y love=20
can break your heart=e2=80=9d on cd to american  laundromat records, c/o cin=
namon girl=20
contest, p.o. box 1428, pawcatuck, ct  06379.  submission deadline is may 15=
the winner will be chosen and  announced on june 1st.  any questions=20
regarding the contest should be  directed to
with the=20
following in the subject  field =e2=80=9ccinnamon girl contest question=e2=

about daisy rock  guitars
daisy rock ( is the original girl-guitar  company=20
dedicated to successfully supplying and marketing pro-quality guitars  for=20
females.  the company is led by its president, tish ciravolo, and  co-owned=20=
distributed by alfred publishing.  daisy rock=e2=80=99s ongoing  mission is=20=
to provide=20
females of all ages with whatever it takes to learn to  play guitar and enjo=
music.  daisy rock has established and continues to  strengthen its reputati=
as =e2=80=9cthe female guitar company.=e2=80=9d

about casting  for recovery
casting for recovery ( is a  national=20
non-profit support and educational program for women who have or have  had b=
cancer. casting for recovery provides an opportunity for women whose  lives=20
have been profoundly affected by the disease to gather in a beautiful,  natu=
setting and learn fly-fishing, "a sport for life." the weekend retreats =20
incorporate counseling, educational services and the sport of fly-fishing to=
promote mental and physical healing.  founded in 1996, casting for recovery=20=
been offering free retreats across the country.  they rely on local  volunte=
and organizations to support their community based  retreats.

about american laundromat records=20
american laundromat  records ( is an indie-rock=20
label based out of  southeastern, ct.  founded in 2004 by music enthusiasts=20=
spadaro &  sean t. rayburn, the label is best known for their popular 2005=20
compilation  "high school reunion - a tribute to those great 80's films" whi=
featured  indie-rockers frank black, kristin hersh, matthew sweet, the dresd=
dolls and  others covering those beloved tunes from some of the 80's most po=
teen  films.  other upcoming projects include =e2=80=9cdig for fire - a pixi=
es tribute
=e2=80=9d  featuring they might be giants, ok go, british sea power, the ros=
and many  more.  a november 13, 2007 release date is  scheduled.


american laundromat contact:
joseph h. spadaro,  founder & pres.
p: 860-245-3669
f: 860-599-1302 =20

daisy rock contact:
rich lackowski,  director of public relations   =20
p: 818-891-5999 ext. 284
f:  818-895-5301

casting  for recovery contact:
seline h. skoug, m.s., executive director
p:  802-362-9181
f:  802-362-9182

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please do not send long non-indigo girls-related forwards to the list.
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