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date:    sat, 5 may 2007 18:24:39 +1000
from:    sherlyn koo <>
subject: emily interview from newark star-ledger

hey everyone,

here's an interview with emily from the newark star-ledger.  you can also=
it online at:


---begin forwarded article---
an indigo girl shows her true colors
emily saliers mixes in plenty of green with the blue
friday, may 04, 2007

by claudia perry star-ledger staff

emily saliers, the urban half of the alternative folk duo the indigo girls,=
excited about their new album, "despite our differences." it's the group's=
for a new label, and she and musical partner amy ray wrote separately for it=
re lied on producer mitchell froom (who's also worked with suzanne vega, los=

lobos and richard thompson) to polish their sound. the girls will appear at=
coexis tence festival for free at 3:30 p.m. saturday on george street at=
university in new brunswick. saliers talked to the star-ledger from her home=

the coexistence festival seems like a good fit for you guys.

i think we've been working on the idea of coexistence for a long time. We've=

always been leftists and activists. We live in a very broken and=
world. i think especially now (days after the virginia tech massacre), we=
to come together. the thought of coexistence brings to mind individual=
dignity and diplomacy. We all know how different we can be. iran is very
different from us, but our common humanity is what stands out. sometimes we=
to be re minded of that.

your new album, "despite our differences," is something of a departure for=

Well, amy brought in her group of songs and i brought in my group of songs.=
were very different from each other. they're very different because she's
influenced by her rural life, and i'm influenced by my urban life. We had a=

great producer in mitchell froom. from the outset, he was very involved in
pre-production. We were sending him ar rangements and ideas, and he was very=

encouraging. for all of the songs, he set the tone. there's some rock 'n'=
some roots. my stuff -- well some of it -- is poppy and some is political=
some is personal. i think it's our best record.

you live in an urban setting in atlanta. Where's amy now?

she's out in the woods in georgia in an undisclosed loca tion.

not where dick cheney is.

rest assured, it's not there.

the music business has changed a lot since you got started in 1985. have you=

adapted to the internet age of music?

We have found ways to do that. We take advantage of the technology,=
making low-budget videos for youtube, having a myspace page and up dating it=

with special downloads. We do whatever we can do. We're talking about=
with people we haven't toured with before to get in front of a new audience.=
have to find ways to keep the music in front of people. it's more=
than it's ever been.

you've always been outspoken about political and feminist is sues. did the=
chicks' experiences make you think twice about your activism?

We're just going to do what we've always done. We've always been active in
politics, and we're not the same kind of band as the chicks. We're not as
family-oriented, and we don't have a coun try audience. but everybody loves=
chicks now.

We just do work with indigenous people and issues about the earth and the
environment. We're working on promoting wind and solar energy. the whole=
environmental thrust is extremely important. (the girls' new album comes in=

recycled cardboard printed with soy ink).

this seems to be the green tipping point right now. any idea why?

once you get big companies talking green, people are more interested. it's
ironic and a bum mer in a way that the guys who are screwing things up have=
gone green. this election could be at stake with regards to environmental
issues. it's first and foremost in people's minds. it's like a miracle. it=
you hope.

how have you gone green?

i compost and recycle. i use green (compact fluorescent) light bulbs. i=
don't do
my laundry as often to conserve water. i'm not ready to buy another car, but=

when i do it will be either a hybrid or run on biodiesel. people should just=
to be mindful of buying organic and locally grown produce.

We forget where our food comes from. it think it's time to remember to get=
to eating seasonally. you may not get watermelon in january, but think of=
good it will taste in the summertime. sensing a connection between food and=

enjoying the rhythm of life is deeply impor tant.

anything you'd like to add?

gov. corzine is in my thoughts and prayers. i really like that guy. this has=

been really tough for him and his family. he's a really good guy and he's=
done a
lot of good. i hope he has a speedy recovery.

claudia perry may be reached at or (973) 392-5954.

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=a9 2007 all rights reserved.

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date:    sat, 5 may 2007 10:40:02 -0400
subject: keene, nh

i won't go into detail but last night was outstanding:  it got better as the night went on, drawing to a climax during the encore.

three 5 human opened, much to my delight.  i've love trina!  how can you not?  both amy and emily joined her (on separate songs).  emily really let it all out.  the bass guitar player was charged by her.  

amy was much chattier than i've seen her in a long time.  they actually took two requests:  reunion:), and jonas and ezekiel.  amy was struggling to remember chords and lyrics, but she eventually got them all.  While she was trying to figure it out, it was kind of quiet, and someone with a nurturing mother-sounding kind of voice said "do you know how wonderful you are?"  clearly, it was a thought shared by many.

trina also joined amy and emily for kid fears.  she's a powerhouse of energy - the 3rd indigo girl, imo.

encore:  i wish i had this on video

rock and roll heaven's gate - i didn't turn around but i could feel everyone on their feet.  so much fun!
midnight train to georgia - great choreography!
tether - what a way to end (and it didn't look like they wanted to)

the people on stage were having as much fun as the audience.

the hardest part of the night was trying to get amy and emily in the same shot.  When you sit up close, it's usually either one or the other.  (poor me, right?)


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date:    sat, 5 may 2007 18:55:15 -0700
from:    sue steinike <>
subject: scranton, pa may 3rd

hello all,

the scranton show was another great one with three 5
human opening.  both amy and emily came out to do a
song with them.

When the girls came on they were pretty talkative -
amy asked if there were "any wildlife experts in the
audience?"  she "lives in the middle of the woods" and
said she always hears owls, but one night she heard a
different kind of sound and wondered if it was deer
mating season, then proceeded to mimic the
"unnnggghhh, unnnnggghhh" sound she heard.  no one
fessed up to being a wildlifre expert, so i guess
we'll never know what it was out there!

later, a guy came running up to the stage (freaked
emily out a little bit) and said he used to serve them
meals at the dugout in atlanta back in the day.  he
still owns a restaurant (in ny i think he said) and
emily joked that everyone should take a road trip and
visit the restaurant.

here is the set list for those keeping track:

pendulum swinger
it's alright
devotion (my current favorite!)
power of two
three county highway
fill it up again
moment of forgiveness
lay my head down
shame on you
the Wood song
**new amy song (don't know the name, sorry)
get out the map
land of canaan
last tears
money made you mean
closer to fine (with trina)
kid fears (with trina)

encore - with three 5 human
rock and roll heaven's gate
midnight train to georgia

someone in the crowd kept yelling for them to play
love Will come to you, but alas, they did not.  :-(
like rena mentioned about the nh show - it's got to be
hard for them to remember the chords and maybe even
the words/harmonies for so many songs - especially the
older and "less-played" ones.

all in all it was a great show.  i had a primo spot in
the 3rd row and met some nice people sitting around
me.  the next time the girls are relatively close to
me will be in august for the Wolf trap show, so hope
to see some listers there!


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date:    sat, 5 may 2007 23:44:44 -0400
from:    barbara sanders <>
subject: <no subject given>

Well, i am moving to the sticks and won't have internet but i will have =
an email account that i can use--new address     =  (and "mary" is mary gauthier)--her music is =
amazing--check her out.  unless something is the funniest thing you have =
ever seen i will need to skip the jokes (groan--i really loved =

blessed are the cracked:  for it is they who let in the light

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