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date:    sat, 26 may 2007 12:59:51 +1000
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subject: hte review from durango herald

hi folks,

review of the hte benefit from the durango herald.  you can find this=
online at:


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rocking the desert
indigo girls perform benefit concert in shiprock, n.m.

may 25, 2007
by amy maestas | herald staff Writer

shiprock, n.m. -

hours after the proposed desert rock energy project took a first step=
winning approval, the indigo girls strode onto the stage in shiprock, n.m.,=
sing as part of an effort opposing the coal-fired power plant. but neither=
stripped-down acoustic duo nor the audience showed any signs of feeling set=
by the energy giant's win for the day. as expected, emily saliers and amy=
rocked a nearly full house at the phil l. thomas performing arts center with=
mix of empowering songs from their 20-year career.

the concert was part of honor the earth's efforts to fight the building of
desert rock by houston-based sithe global and the navajo nation.

honor the earth is a national environmental-awareness group that takes on=
for the country's american indian population. the evening started off with
surprisingly impressive rap/hip-hop/native musicians casper and his 602=
the arizona-based band's blend of world music and hard-driving beats were
coupled with political, spiritual and soulful lyrics.

Winona laduke, two-time green party vice presidential candidate and founder=
honor the earth spoke briefly before the indigo girls performed. the=
laduke didn't mince words in her soft voice. she told the audience "We do=
need another $2 billion coal-fired power plant." the cheers and support=
back to her by the audience quickly showed that laduke - and the indigo=
girls -
were preaching to the choir.

laduke explained how detrimental the plant would be for the country, the=
population and the environment. she all but implored audience members to=
turn up
the oppositional heat, become educated and support the activist=
that lined the foyer of the center. the political talk was left mostly to

yet the indigo girls clearly chose a set that spoke to the hearts of those=
attendance. saliers and ray kicked it off with the first song, "pendulum
swinger" on their newest cd, "despite our differences." it's a pro-humanist=
that set a tone of songs with candor and warmth.

they followed with the spunky song "yield." beyond their strum-and-hum=
the more animated ray showed off her frantic mandolin skills, often playing=
enough force to push the musicianship as much as the message of each song,=
saliers her skillful banjo picking. they went on with ray's more laconic=
county highway," and the slightly off-beat "chickenman." there also were a
couple of early-career defining hits "get out the map," "hammer and a nail,"=
the audience-participating "closer to fine," - all songs that proved the
mastering of the duo's bell-toned harmonies.

saliers and ray wrapped up with a two-song encore, one of which was a=
favorite of indigo girls - the pro-peace "galileo." it was a bittersweet end=
a night that, given the day's news, could have been soured by a cloud of
weariness. leave it to the indigo girls to be the ones who keep hope alive.=

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