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date:    sun, 3 jun 2007 23:38:53 -0700
from:    diane Wong <>
subject: ig at pechanga casino, temecula, ca 3 june 07

hello intimate strangers!

What a terrific concert tonight.  We felt it was a little shorter, the
setlist tonight, but we're not complaining! =)

thao nguyen and her band opened.  i'm sure she is not surprised to hear me
mention that her sound initially reminded me of bjork.  initially, all her
songs seemed to sound very similar--but the last four or five songs really
woke up the crowd.  We were clapping and enjoying her on-stage jibbers.  
people were hooting and hollering, and they started to take a piece of
clothing off.  she mentioned it was a thing with the band to take off a
piece of clothing, like strip poker, except the audience doesn't
participate, whenever someone hoots or hollers.

she said at one point, that frank had made the setlist with synonyms.  the
song geography, was renamed earth-- and she couldn't figure it out at first.

she also "loved" the twist-off caps of the beer bottles.  her beer fizzled
and spilled over onto the stage, "oh the crew will be so mad..."

i got her cd, and she said a new one will be out in january.

on to ig:

emily entered stage right first, in a brown t-shirt with the pencil outline
of two wolf heads, and blue jeans on.  amy then came in with her light blue
short sleeve button-front shirt with an white angel or flower imprint on
each shoulder.  i remember her pants as being black and white--or something

the crowd cheered loudly when they came in.  We had such energy in the
show--emily and amy sensed it and emily commented on it.

pendulum swinger
little perennials
hammer and nail
world falls
become you
get out the map
power of two
three county highway
lay my head down
fill it up again
dairy queen
you and me of the 10,000 wars
land of canaan
the boat song
jonas and ezekial
closer to fine


emily said that one of her sisters said that she's a little upset that her
daughter, emily's niece, knows how to say "fuck it" because of pendulum
swinger.  emily smiles and shrugs, and amy says, "no harm done."

they added a song on the setlist--i don't know which one, but they mentioned
it to sulli after little perennials.

a couple of women were seated in the second row--and one of them wrote on
two postcards "she said yes".  emily asked, "as in 'will you--'" and the
woman nodded.  amy and emily said their congratulations.  (and this was a
few songs before power of two.)

oh, sulli broke her thumb.  initially, she was not diagnosed with a
fracture, and then it healed wrong before they found out it was actually
broken.  someone in the audience said, "give her a raise!"  and ig said,
"okay--we'll give her a raise--we'll discuss the terms later--" we laughed.

amy mentioned that they just came from being in new orleans a few days ago,
to check on the progress there.  she mentioned how strong the people there
were, and also that they were going to participate in a benefit concert in
september to raise money and awareness.

my favorite songs of the night were you and me of the 10k wars, jonas &
ezekial, and world falls.  though i always love become you.

i haven't stood through almost the entire ig concert in a loong time.  it
was wonderful, and good to dance--yeah!  after the concert, i was able to
get a guitar pick.


p.s.  it was nice meeting you, c, and thanks k.

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date:    tue, 5 jun 2007 01:55:16 +0000
from:    tom xxxxx <>
subject: re: ig at pechanga casino, temecula, ca 3 june 07

>pendulum swinger
>little perennials
>hammer and nail
>world falls
>become you
>get out the map
>power of two
>three county highway
>lay my head down
>fill it up again
>dairy queen
>you and me of the 10,000 wars
>land of canaan
>the boat song
>jonas and ezekial
>closer to fine

What's "the boat song?" i've never heard of this. is it new? details,

tom m.
"can you mr. bush light the sage"
--- tori amos, "indian summer"

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