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date:    sat, 16 jun 2007 15:44:25 +1000
from:    sherlyn koo <>
subject: salt lake tribune

hey folks,

here's an article from the saltlake tribune.  online at:


---begin forwarded article---
superb songs help indigo girls thrive in choppy music industry
by dan nailen
the salt lake tribune

given the duo's fierce political activism and two decades of commercial ups=
downs navigating the changing seas of the music business, it can be easy to=

forget why the indigo girls are still selling out venues every time they=
come to

    it's the songs, plain and simple.

    emily saliers and amy ray are serious songcrafters. and even though they=

write their songs separately, when they get together to arrange them and=
together their magical vocal harmonies, they inevitably end up with a batch=
tracks that fit perfectly with past hits like "closer to fine" or=

    the duo's latest album, "despite our differences," is a case in point.=
were a lot of "firsts" for the indigo girls on this set. it was their first=
working with producer mitchell froom, a veteran of projects with paul=
elvis costello and sheryl crow. it was the first time they recorded an album=
los angeles. and it was the first time, saliers said, that she and ray let a=

producer in on the arranging process before they got to the studio.

    "he was involved in the process very early on," saliers said. "When we=
in the process of arranging, knowing we'd be working with mitchell, we'd=
him mp3s or tapes and he'd send us feedback. so he knew the songs inside and=
when we got out to his studio.

    "We knew we were working with a guy who could work with the difference
between amy's material and mine. early in the process, there's sort of a
vulnerability, and amy has to feel and i have to feel that the producer=
the work equally. With mitchell, that happened very early."

    the result is the breezy "despite our differences," which saliers said=
the fastest record the girls have ever made. songs like saliers' opening
"pendulum swinger" and ray's raucous "rock and roll heaven's gate,"=
featuring a
guest vocal from pink, are sure to be crowd favorites on the duo's summer=
stopping for a sold-out red butte garden show tuesday.

    saliers said making "despite our differences" was one of the best
experiences she's had over the course of 10 studio albums.

    "We work a lot in atlanta and i find it distracting at times to go home=

every night while you're working on a record," saliers said. "We stayed out=
santa monica by the water, so i could go running every day. i'm a foodie, so=
was able to check out a lot of new restaurants. and mitchell likes to work=
a schedule that ends at 7 every night, so that was great."

    another guest on the album is brandi carlile, a young singer-songwriter=
the girls learned was a fan of theirs when they went to check out one of her=

shows. now carlile is opening the summer tour. like carlile, many young
songwriters have approached ray and saliers about the influence the indigo=
have had - something that leaves saliers with mixed emotions.

    "it's a little disconcerting. i think about how long we've been around=
how much older we've gotten," saliers said. "but also, i think it's the most=

flattering thing in the world to have these young artists who are so full of=

life, who have a long career ahead of them. . . . to think we influenced or=

inspired them in any way is a really gratifying feeling. it just makes you=
good on a very basic level."

    that said, saliers and ray aren't interested in acting as den mothers to=

every young artist they share a conversation with, even with the years of
experience they have in the music business.

    "We don't go around giving out a lot of advice," saliers said. "i'm sort=
a believer in 'find your own way.' if you've been around as long as we have,=

there's a certain trajectory to your career that you can watch, unless=
like a superstar band and always remain at the top echelon. We had our day=
the sun when we played madison square garden, and now we play theaters. but=

after all this time, and through all the changes in the industry, to be able=
still do it and make a living at it, i'm really grateful."
   sold out
    * the indigo girls, with brandi carlile opening, play tuesday at 7 p.m.=
red butte garden. the show is sold out.

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date:    sat, 16 jun 2007 22:27:00 -0500
from:    cheri c <>
subject: ticket for sunday, july 29

hello all,
i have recently re-subscribed after a long absence from the list.  
i am looking for one lonely little ticket to the atlanta show on sunday night.  i am willing to pay above face value.  does anyone out there have anything?  sorry if this is a common request right now, but i don't live in atl anymore and am flying in special just for the show.
hope everyone is well!

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