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date:    sun, 24 jun 2007 03:14:36 -0700
from:    lorna <>
subject: bring the radio revolution to your hometown (lpfm campaign update-ig mention)

first, a personal anecdote/disclosure: this is more than just an issue to get our favorite artists some desperately needed radio airplay. i live in a conservative county whose idea of "local" radio stations are at least one religious one and a so-called "mainstream" community station that is actually corporate-owned by religious-right interests, seeing to it that dr. james dobson's program airs on it daily, and beaming-in overplayed pop music from some satellite source. :-(

perhaps more important: i learned just recently that my regular dentist is in trouble with the state board...there was no publicity/news, or even formal notification about the situation whatsoever, (except for a brief letter i received directly with very little explanation due to legal activities involved). if the dentist was practicing in a large city and was in trouble, it would have been guaranteed some local news coverage, at least. this is one instance that should have been addressed to the community at-large!

a local radio station with unbiased news programming (or news that is not beamed in from some conglomerate source such as fox news radio), and actual reporting would have kept listeners in the community informed about the issue. this is just one of so many reasons why we need to take back our airwaves! i am so very thankful that ig are involved with this issue, among the many others they are involved with. please write to your congressperson and ask them to support this bill! thanks!

the following notice was excerpted from (applies to usa residents)

do you want better radio choices in your hometown?

a bill was introduced in congress on june 21 to open up the local airwaves to more diverse, independent, low power fm radio stations. but the "local community radio act of 2007" (hr 2802) is being opposed by powerful lobbyists for radio conglomerates like the national association of broadcasters.

your congressional representative can be an important voice in this fight by co-sponsoring this crucial bill. your representative must hear your support for local radio to move this legislation forward.

this is one of our last chances to put local and diverse voices on the air for good. a recent study by free press found that the average local radio market has 16 white male-owned radio stations -- but just one female-owned station and two-minority owned stations. Women and minorities control just one-eighth of the country's full-power radio stations despite comprising more than two-thirds of the population.

if we pass the local community radio act of 2007 we can help reverse this disgraceful trend and carve out more space on the dial for female and minority views. this important legislation would create hundreds, if not thousands, of new low power fm radio stations in towns across the country.

tell congress: We need better local radio

for more information on how to get involved and contact your representative, visit


1. off the dial: how media consolidation diminishes diversity on the radio is the new free press study on radio ownership. read the full report at

2. read why members of congress, community broadcasters and even the indigo girls support lpfm radio at

or find out about starting your own station at

there is also a facebook community called "local radio noW" for meeting others who want to reclaim the airwaves for local, independent radio.
thanks so much everyone, for reading this post (sorry for the long length) and for getting involved.  

and now...i will go look for a new dentist.

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