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date:    tue, 28 aug 2007 07:21:10 -0700
from:    renee grebe <>
subject: 08/26/07 wolf trap show in vienna, va

it's been quite some time since i've posted to the list, but it's always gr=
eat to read it, so i feel as though it's time again to finally contribute a=
little bit again.  (pardon the late posting, my first one didn't go throug=
h - looks like the faq is out of date and the posting email addys are old o=
r something?)=0a=0a- - - - - - - - posting from monday night:=0a =0athis ev=
ening's show in va was fantastic as always.  a few friends and i were hopin=
g for lawn seats and a relaxing show, but the weather proved too unstable t=
o chance it.  so, intent on going, i hoped online to see what "inside" seat=
s were left.  someone was smiling down on me today; just hours before the s=
how, i discovered that two 3rd row orchestra pit tickets, center stage, wer=
e up for grabs for the same price as the other "inside" tix.  long story sh=
ort, my friend and i were able to enjoy these most amazing seats!  what a g=
reat way to start off the afternoon!=0a =0ai'm never together enough to rem=
ember to write down the set list, but the highlights for me included a fant=
astic rendition of hand me downs (when was the last time you heard that in =
concert!?  it was great!), devotion, ozilline, and a beautiful acapella ver=
sion (the only kind, i suppose) of finlandia. =0a =0aother songs played inc=
luded (in no particular order):  watershed, fill it up again, it's alright,=
shame on you, get out the map, lay my head down, three county highway, pow=
er of two , galileo, closer to fine, little perennials, ghost, chickenman (=
complete with bitteroot interlude), run, money made you mean, pendulum swin=
ger, perfect world, & dairy queen.  did i miss any?  i have no idea - that =
seems like a lot now that i write them all out!=0a =0aonly one encore seeme=
d a bit underwhelming, but it was a great night nonetheless. i really respe=
ct how the girls have been able to combine such a great balance of new and =
old in every show!=0a =0afour pics from the show:
otos/grebebird/=0aenjoy!=0a-renee grebe  |

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date:    wed, 29 aug 2007 08:21:05 +1000
from:    sherlyn koo <>
subject: generationq article

hi folks,

this is from  quite generic, but i think it's the first=
mention of the upcoming australian tour that i've seen.

you can see it online at:


---begin forwarded article---
indigo girls to tour australia

the indigo girls will be hitting australian shores for a national tour later=

this year. tickets on sale now!

by natalie kalow - regional producer au on 2007-08-26

adrian bohm presents
indigo girls

melbourne hamer hall =96 arts centre october 26
bookings: ticketmaster 1300 136 166 or $79.90

canberra canberra theatre october 29
bookings: canberra theatre 6275 2700 or $79.90

adelaide thebarton theatre october 31
bookings: venue tix 8225 8888 or $79.90

perth fremantle arts centre november 2
bookings: or venue box office $69.90

brisbane qpac =96 concert hall november 5
bookings: qtix 136 246 or $79.90

sydney enmore theatre november 6
bookings: enmore theatre 9550 3666 or ticketek 132 849

on sale now

the indigo girls =96 the world=92s most popular female folk rock duo will be
delivering their distinctive sound in concert halls around the country when=
return for their third australian tour in october/november 2007.

the ongoing popularity of the indigo girls is rare in several aspects. they=
a unique 90=92s success story in that they have never relied on massive radio=

airplay or high profile video presence to establish a huge loyal following,=
they have consistently topped a million in sales with their cd releases. in=

their first two decades the highly accomplished pair have received 7 grammy=

nominations and sold over 12 million albums.

with their beautiful harmonies, practised voices and thoughtful lyrics, the=

indigo girls are a true testament to the power of folk.

after 20 years of releasing records as indigo girls, amy ray and emily=
have politely declined the opportunity to mellow with age. it=92s just not in=

their constitution. devoted environmental and social justice activists and=
long music industry mavericks, the girls have spent their entire career=
boundaries on a variety of fronts and won=92t stop now!

despite our differences, their 10th studio album is one of their most=
with elements of country, punk and pop weaved into the harmony driven folk=
that made them famous.

=93making this record was really different for us,=94 saliers says. =93we were all=
the same room together: amy and i at producer mitchell froom's home studio=
engineer, david boucher, and the band,=94 which here includes session-pro=
matt chamberlain and indigo regular clare kenny on bass. =93it was like a=
family experience, which is really, really different from being in a huge,=
studio where everyone=92s isolated. and there was a really strong trust factor=

with mitchell. he has a great musical ear, particularly for harmonies and=
like that. if he heard a note that didn=92t sit well with him, he=92d tell us.=
was a real exchange.=94

=93we felt intimidated by mitchell=92s abilities,=94 ray admits. =93to go in and=
put ourselves out there and trust that he=92s gonna take it and work with=
felt like a risk, but in a good way. it=92s nice to get your adrenaline up. at=

this age you really have to keep trying things you haven=92t done.=94

the result of that experimentation: perhaps the freshest-sounding album in=
indigo=92s ample discography. differences pulses with warm acoustic guitars;
crisp, tasty keyboards (played by froom and longtime band member carol=
and, of course, the singers=92 trademark intertwined vocals. guest appearances=

from two indigo girls fans, brandi carlile and pink (returning the favor the=

girls did her when they performed and sang on =93dear mr. president=94 from=
album i=92m not dead), =93inject the record with this inspiring energy,=94 saliers=

says. there=92s an understated immediacy to the music that evokes the=
chemistry of the artists=92 live show, which saliers admits was part of what=
and ray were after. =93amy and i had learned the songs,=94 she explains, =93and we=

just wanted to go in there and cut them with the rhythm section. mitchell=92s=
an over producer=97he wants the song to come alive.=94

=93i think it=92s remarkable that amy=92s life and my life coincided like this,=94
saliers says, =93that we=92ve been able to make music and stay dear friends=
all these years.=94 ray echoes her bandmate: =93i remind myself that we=92ve been=

together for such a long time and that we=92re lucky to still be together,=94=

though she admits she=92s not one for making a big fuss over a milestone like=
indigo=92s 20th anniversary of record making and touring, ray says this new
chapter in the band=92s career does reaffirm the principle that=92s always=
the duo. =93it=92s all about living in the moment that you=92re in and trying to=
it better than the moment that came before,=94 she explains, pointing for=
to the band=92s ongoing work with honor the earth, a minneapolis-based=
dedicated to energy justice within the native american community. =93we just=
to keep evolving=97there isn=92t a point where that doesn=92t apply.=94

=93emily saliers and amy ray weave such a taut tapestry of sound that you=92d=
they were a single entity=85.=94 san francisco chronicle

=93=85they possess voices that are unflinching in pitch and emotive timbre,=
they combine in harmonies hat lock tighter than a battle line=94 the new york=


=93their voices soar and swoop as one=85.and when they sing together; they=
radiate a
sense of shared purpose=85=94 rolling stone

the album =91despite our differences=92 is in stores now & digitally

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date:    tue, 28 aug 2007 16:32:06 -0700
from:    sue steinike <>
subject: wolf trap review sunday aug 26

hello all,

renee posted some great notes (and pictures!) from the
show sunday, and way to go for landing the last minute
pit tickets!  

it was a great night weather-wise and not unbearably
hot like saturday.  the opening band was girlyman and
all i could think was, "girlyman the co-singers of
finlandia from the rarities cd.  will i finally get to
hear one of my dream songs??"  girlyman was terrific!
before their last song they told the audience that we
needed to be "blessed", then they assumed yoga-like
postions and did a "girlyman" chant, then launched
right into "son of a preacher man".

amy and eily were in a great mood and they said they
really love coming to wolf trap.  i think this was the
5th ot 6th time i have seen them there.

some highlights: emily is playing the mandolin more (i
think i heard that right...).  amy just finished the
last harry potter book but didn't want to say anything
about it and spoil it for anyone.  they dedicated
"power of two" to a montgomery county police officer
who was injured on duty and is recovering with the
help of her partner.

best highlight: finlandia - my dream come true.  let
me tell you, it was stunning.  they were all huddled
around 1 microphone and not a peep came from the

here is the entire setlist:

hammer & a nail
fill it up again
dairy queen
it's alright
money made you mean
power of two
shame on you
hand me downs
lay my head down
three county highway
get out the map (with girlyman)
little perennials (with girlyman)
pendulum swinger (with girlyman)
perfect world (with girlyman)
closer to fine (with girlyman and instead of the
whistle nate did a "do do doo..." solo)

finlandia (with girlyman)

i was in row a and taking videos with my camera and
got busted about halfway through.  so i was a little
more sly about it the rest of the show to avoid the
camera gestapo.  sound is ok throughout, but video is
hit or miss for the last half.  if anyone wants a cd
(probably 3 total because the files are huge) of the
videos (open in windows media player), please email


yahoo! onesearch: finally, mobile search
that gives answers, not web links.

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date:    tue, 28 aug 2007 18:10:12 -0600
from:    carolyn <>
subject: show of the week: 1997-06-06: great woods - mansfield, massachusetts

hi there,

hope this finds everyone doing well : )

this weeks show is an excellent sounding recording of the audio from the
pay per view broadcast of the 1997-06-06: great woods - mansfield,
massachusetts show.  hopefully someday this show will be released on dvd,
but in the mean time here is a fan recorded version.  rather than trying to
provide a description myself, i am instead including below a terrific and
rather spirited review from a listee back in the day, i did not get
permission to use it but hopefully it is okay.

and here is the direct download link:




date: sat, 7 jun 1997 08:51:35 -0400
sender: indigo girls mailing list <>
subject: ppv review...amy barefoot?!? ;)

hey everyone!

i just got home from my sister's friends house because she delightfully
informed me after school today that she just happened to have
directtv....which just happened to be broadcasting the ppv from great woods
for $12.95. woo hoo!!! it was incredible!! here's the set list...with a few
comments of my own. followed by a fashion review and a review of the after
concert stuff.

set list:

secure yourself - great opening number, they seemed to be enjoying themselves

it's alright - emily couldn't stop smiling ;)

shame on you - everyone was having fun...the audience really got into it!
the cutest thing of the evening had to be amy when she says, "when the
beautiful ladies..." she had this goofy smile on her face and rolled her
eyes. precious!

least complicated - lots of audience participation!

dgtgag - wow!!! amy was great!!

caramia - both amy and emily were really into this. you can tell that it is
one of emily's favorites

i don't want to know (with michelle malone) one big hootinanny (nice
spelling...huh?) everyone was smiling and really having fun with this one.
a&e seemed really pleased to have michelle perform with them.

ghost - beautiful as ever! ;)

scooter boys - i don't know what happened with amy's guitar, but she ended
up just standing there without one and started yanking at her collar...she
really got into it!

gotm - fun had by all! another cute moment: emily said, "this one's for my
homegirls in atlanta!" =)

burn all the letters (with ulali) - amy kinda drifted on this one...still
loved it!

this train revised - i don't think i've ever seen an entire stage of people
get into a song like they all did on this one....incredible!!!

leeds (with ulali) - gawd i love emily! ;)

shed your skin - amy came out with no shoes on!!!!!!! she did the rest of
the show barefoot!!! it was the coolest thing! is this something usual for
amy? this song was great...but i couldn't get my eyes off of amy's feet! =)

everything in it's own time - i've never been able to get into this song,
it was pretty though

chickenman - complete with the buzzard verse...amy rocked!

galileo - great sing-a-long! ;)

hey kind friend - one of my favs! amy looked out into the audience as if
she was pondering some deep thought and then she says..."it's cold!" ----->
some women jumped on stage and handed amy a binder and was_very_ glad to
meet her. a&e joked about having the women sign a release form because she
was going to be on tv ;)

wild horses(with michelle malone) - michelle just kicks ass..i am
officially convinced! =)

bmhawk (with ulali) - very powerful! after this song, emily talks about how
she loves boston and says something like "how 'bout them patriots?" and she
put on a patriots hat and wore it the rest of the show! ;)

closer to fine - big smiles =)

fashion review:
amy: light blue and peach very cool floral shirt tucked in, black
well-fitting pants, black shiny shoes(until sys) ;)
emily: red and yellow vertically striped shirt untucked, yellow pants, cool
docs, dark blue nail polish, violet eyeliner (proof that she was
jammin'...her nail polish was all chipped by the end of the night) go em! ;)

after the concert, there were a few clips: amy came out and introduced
danielle howle and she performed (pre-recorded) and then emily came out and
introduced ulali who performed a couple songs. then the girls introduced
two short films by directors from the atlanta area. very cool films!
then...the "shame on you" video. i love it! praise to the ppv people and
amy and emily and their band and michelle and danielle and sara lee and the
girl with the binder and boy this is a run-on sentence, i'm tired. the
whole thing was incredible!! i'm sure i saw all of you that were there,
there were tons of audience shots! wish i could have been there! ;)

sorry so long...i'm going to bed
peace y'all,

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