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date:    mon, 10 sep 2007 14:41:45 -0400
from:    laura mclane <>
subject: emily to appear with jane fonda sept. 26 atlanta

hi folks.

my friend is organizing a big v-day fundraiser here in atlanta for  
sept. 26th at opera with eve ensler (vagina monologues) for eve's  
latest book "a memory, a monologue, a rant and a prayer".  all  
proceeds go to the v-day organization which was founded to end  
violence against women.  tickets are a bit expensive but it is for  
charity.  there are vip tickets as well that will get you into the  
reception with all of the readers after the performance.  i can't  
attach a flyer since the list won't allow it... but the myspace link  
is  the line up of atlanta celebs  
is pretty impressive (including jane fonda, kenny leon, melissa  
carter, doria roberts, etc).

it was just confirmed today that emily will be reading a part as  
well!  so come out and support a good cause!!


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