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  [ig-news] up for grabs - ticket for baltimore show march 26  [sue steinike]


date: wed, 14 mar 2007 18:11:14 -0700
from: sue steinike <>
subject: [ig-news] up for grabs - ticket for baltimore show march 26

hello everyone,

due to a spur of the moment business trip i have a
ticket to offer someone for the baltimore show at the
ram's head live downtown.  it is a general admission
ticket (i have never been there but i think it's
standing room throughout), and i think the cost was
around $40 including fees.

i would be willing to trade this ticket (and make up
any price difference) for one for the wilmington show
on saturday the 24th, since i have to leave sunday.

if anyone would like to trade for wilmington please
let me know asap before i buy one.  if someone wants
to buy the baltimore ticket outright, that is fine
also.  :-)  thanks!


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