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  [ig-news] the republican reviews mohegan sun  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@pixelo]
  [ig-news] fwd: indigo girls:  ig on npr today and new tour dates  [sherlyn]
  [ig-news] article from wilmington de news journal  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@p]


date: wed, 21 mar 2007 07:40:03 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] the republican reviews mohegan sun

hi folks,

heres an review of one of the mohegan sun shows from the republican, which i
believe is out of springfield ma...


- ---
indigo girls' harmonies soar at mohegan sun
monday, march 19, 2007
by marie p. grady
music writer

there are some musical artists who were just born to perform together, not
because they are similar, but because, together, their differences create a
singular sound.

emily saliers and amy ray are among them. for 20 years, the georgia anti-belles
have been painting a picture of america in indigo blue, the color of blue jeans
and emotions so hard and mean they need to be encapsulated in a brilliant song
for you to dare to feel them.

the indigo girls released their 10th studio album, "despite our differences,"
last year. they brought those splendid differences and their symbiotic folk-rock
harmony to a sold-out cabaret theater at mohegan sun casino in uncasville,
conn., saturday night.

in a 21-song set that included three more in an encore, the indigo girls
provided a healthy sampling from their new release, opening with "pendulum

but the set also featured some of their best songs from years past, including
"devotion," "watershed," "power of two" and "closer to fine," which was first
released in 1989 and closed the show before the encore.

with songs that are dominated by their acoustic guitars, and harmonies that
blend the slightly softer vocals of saliers with the deeper, grittier tones of
ray, the indigo girls grew an early fan base that included other artists,
ranging from michael stipe of rem to pink, who sings on their latest album.

whether they are singing about the tenderness and familiarity of love in a
plastic world, "lay my head down," or the cowboy logic of a president who won't
back away from a failed war, "pendulum swinger," the indigo girls are
storytellers who are not afraid to get to the heart of the matter.

long before the dixie chicks won grammy gold for "not ready to make nice," the
indigo girls were singing about a world where "a girl could get a wife." but
social causes aside, their songs often mine the terrain of human relationships
in all their many forms, or the meaning of the world and one's place in it.

and their musicianship is extraordinary. with help from their trusted technician
"sulli," the pair didn't miss a beat as saliers traded her guitars for electric
banjo, ukulele and mandolin, an instrument also played by ray.

ray, who also has released several solo recordings, performed the only solo song
of the evening, a passion-packed rendition of dire straits' "romeo & juliet"
that brought the 350-seat house down.

before ending the evening with "galileo," ray stated the obvious to an adoring
crowd. like andrea dawn, a greenwich, conn., independent musical artist who
snagged a front row seat, every one of them seemed to know the lyrics to every
song by heart.

"it's fun to play y'all," said ray.

)2007 the republican

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date: wed, 21 mar 2007 07:38:56 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fwd: indigo girls:  ig on npr today and new tour dates

hi folks,

latest official mailer below...


- --- original message ---
from: "indigo girls" <>
date: tue, 20 mar 2007 13:50:54 -0500
subject: indigo girls:  ig on npr today and new tour dates

> news update - 03.20.07 - indigo girls on npr!
> tune in to npr's talk of the nation today to hear amy and emily
> chat with neal conan.  you can view local listings by clicking
> here:
> to more news and information, please click here:
> tour update - new dates have just been added!
> 06.17.07 woodland park zoo amphitheatre - seattle, washington
> 06.19.07 red butte garden amphitheatre - salt lake city, utah
> 06.20.07 chautauqua auditorium - boulder, colorado 06.21.07
> chautauqua auditorium - boulder, colorado 06.23.07 toronto pride
> week - toronto, canada
> 06.24.07 music in the zoo:  outdoor amphitheater - apple valley,
> minnesota
> to view the complete tour listing, please click here:
> thanks!
> ---

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date: wed, 21 mar 2007 16:02:12 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] article from wilmington de news journal


here's an article from the news journal (wilmington de).  you can read it online

from the article, it looks like ig's only stop on the true colors hrc tour will
be las vegas.


- ---begin forwarded article---
indigo girls share spin on differences
folk-pop duo make a stop at the grand and lend voices to tolerance-building
'true colors' tour's las vegas show
by ryan cormier, the news journal

when the indigo girls got the call that cyndi lauper was holding a "true colors"
tour to aid the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, they didn't
have to think twice about participating.

joining the likes of lauper, debbie harry, dresden dolls, margaret cho, rufus
wainwright and rosie o'donnell sounded like a great idea, says emily saliers,
who along with amy ray makes up the indigo girls.

"to support the lgbt community and to have a mixture of people from the queer
community, the straight community and the who-knows-what in between community
come together, that's just going to be fun," says saliers, who, like ray, has
been openly gay for her entire career. "we're all about trying to create equal
rights for queer people."

the recently announced 15-date tour stops at the borgata in atlantic city on
june 15, but the indigo girls will be guests at only the june 8 show in las

but before that big show, the folk/pop/rock duo will take the stage at the grand
opera house in wilmington saturday night.

we talked to saliers recently about her collaborations with pink and meeting
justin timberlake, her thoughts about the 2008 presidential election and the
legacy of the lilith fair.

you're playing the grand opera house. that's a pretty nice room for a
self-described bar band. is it weird for you playing places like that?

that's a good question. i don't think anyone's asked us that. we've played so
many different kinds of venues over the years that the energy of the shows seems
the same no matter where we're playing. we are affected by environment, but the
music and the energy and the crowds seem the same unless they feel restricted by

it's been 10 years since the lilith fair. what's the lasting legacy, if any, of
that tour?

i think there is a legacy just in the fact that you're asking that question. it
still gets brought to mind all these years later especially in regards to women
artists and what they're able to accomplish. not only in terms of the music
business and up-and-coming women artists, but also for the artists who
participated. for me it was one of the highlights, if not the highlight of my

the indigo girls and pink have appeared on each others' albums recently. how did
that come about?

pink asked us to sing on her record on the song "dear mr. president." she
actually lived in atlanta for four years or so, and we found out she likes our
music, which is really flattering because both me and amy are big fans of hers.
when she called us and asked us, we were thrilled. she was recently in atlanta
and we went to see her open for justin timberlake. she's so powerful. we saw her
in a big arena, and her energy translated across. the thing about justin was
that it's really weird to see someone who's that famous up close in real life.
it was more like, "god. what the media and marketing can create!" it's a really,
really strange thing culturally. that's what i was really struck by. that and
the fact that he's super talented.

your most recent album, "despite our differences," was your first for hollywood
records after 20 years with epic, selling 12 million albums for them. what were
the differences after recording in a bit of a comfort zone for so long?

it was very exciting and invigorating to get signed after all these years. when
we first got signed with epic, so many things were happening. the record really
took off. we had a successful single by our standards, we won a grammy, and we
played madison square garden. it was a lot of heady stuff. and then over the
years, things mellowed out, people get less interested in older artists and
you're left with your core following. thankfully we're a grass-roots touring
band and have maintained this fantastic following without having to rely on the
record company to sell records or promote hits for us. and when it came to the
end of our time with epic, there wasn't any excitement there. there were a lot
of empty promises and the feeling that this has run its course. and when
hollywood came along, it felt really gratifying to have some excitement about us
as if we were a new thing and not two women who have been around for 25 years.

in the liner notes for the new album you thank mary j. blige for "blowing my
mind." are you referring to her album "the breakthrough" or is there something
else there?

i've always been a fan of hers, but "the breakthrough" was it. yeah. i've seen
her live a couple of times, and i'm just riveted by her. there's something about
her soul connection to her music. she's just so real to me, and her voice just
kills me.

i was out the other night -- it was a sleepy tuesday night out -- and i told a
friend i was going to be talking to you and he played "closer to fine" on the
jukebox. all of a sudden, two women at the bar shot to their feet, started
dancing and singing along at the top of their lungs. it must be nice to have a
hit song like that that stands the test of time.

[laughs.] that's awesome. we play that song virtually every night, and everyone
always sings with it. just to see people happy like that really, really makes me
feel good. we never get tired of playing it. it's just one of those songs that
hit a happy nerve with people, and they've carried it along with them. you can't
ask for more than as a songwriter.

let's talk some politics. how optimistic are you for 2008? do you see the
pendulum swinging as you sang on this latest album?

i see it swinging for sure. i see a lot of changes happening. the president is
totally beleaguered ... and republicans are coming out against the president.
that's a real swing. everyone used to tow the party line. for the democrats, i
haven't made up my mind who i'm going to support yet. i even have hopes that al
gore will join the race, in which case there's not going to be a bad candidate
because they're all strong. on the other side, i have a lot of respect for john
mccain and rudy giuliani.

for you personally, is there anything positive you can look back at and pull out
of george w. bush's presidency?

it's been a devastating loss. i can't think of one positive thing. the only
thing that feels positive now is that it was so horrible that people have come
to their senses and need a change.

finally, you're from georgia. how big was the smile on your face last week when
your friend and sometimes collaborator michael stipe, along with the rest of
r.e.m., were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame?

those guys deserve that. they're a wonderful band with a great history. any time
something good happens to a band from georgia, we all feel it. we're really
proud of them.

contact ryan cormier at 324-2863 or read his pop
culture blog at

if you go

with three5human
when: 8 p.m. saturday
where: grand opera house, 818 n. market st., wilmington
tickets: $37

copyright )2007, the news journal.

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