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  [ig-news] amy mini-concert review       ["ron mcbay" <>]


date: tue, 1 may 2007 06:01:21 -0400
from: "ron mcbay" <>
subject: [ig-news] amy mini-concert review

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hey all,
. i went to the "riffin' in the round" event last tuesday at eyedrum in
atlanta. the bill was amy (solo acoustic), three5human (trina and tomi),
athens boys choir (katz), scott turner schofield, and novelist t.cooper.
. it was sponsored by daemon records, charis books, feminist outlawz and
(was simulcast on the internet?) by riot grrrl, ink.
. the venue, eyedrum, is a small art space. maybe 100 people in the
audience. i've been there a few years back to see some film/talk about jack
kerouac. some few art pieces on the wall that weren't particularly
interesting (e.g., a series of prints of people wearing stocking caps over
their faces).
. three5human was good as usual, but i've heard "jenny", "pure lust",
stevie wonder's "frontline" plenty of times from them now. amy sat in and
sang backup for one of their songs.
. amy did "measure of me", "driver education", "blender", "let it ring",
"on your honor" (with 35h) and a couple of new songs, "???" and "free and
clean", which was pretty good.
. just your average tuesday night.
- -- ron
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ron mcbay
you think i'm vulnerable to your pressure tactics because i shed a tear.
all the hatred in the world is what got me here today,
but i know that love is gonna set me free.
stay human. -- michael franti & spearhead
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