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  [ig-news] extra front row tickets for both san diego area shows  ["spike" ]


date: thu, 3 may 2007 17:36:34 -0700
from: "spike" <>
subject: [ig-news] extra front row tickets for both san diego area shows

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hey y'all,

sadly, bonnie bailed on the san diego shows.  that's ok, though, because
she's coming to san francisco!  therefore we have one extra ticket for each
show (temecula and humphreys).  here are the details:

temecula (pechanga casino) 3 june - 1 ticket in row aa.  that's the front
row.  i'm not 100% sure of the exact seat number, but there's only six seats
in that row and they're all center.  $60 was the total which was face +
music today's insane service fees.

humphreys (san diego) 4 june - 1 ticket in section c1 row 1 (that's front
row amy side).  i think it's seat 2 (one in from the aisle).  it's a dinner
ticket (price includes a pre show dinner at the humphreys restaurant), and
you'd need to make dinner reservations.  it was $120 which was face +
service fees (ticketbastard)...

for either of these, you'd paypal bonnie the money and i would get the
ticket to you (i could either meet you at the show or mail you the ticket).

please email me if you are interested in either...



"i'm running to the end of the earth, and i'm swimming to the edge of the
and i'm laughing, i'm under a starry sky
this world was meant for me, don't bury me carry me..."
~~ amy ray (indigo girls)

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