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  [ig-news] 04 june 2007 ~ san diego, ca concert review  ["diane wong" <arle]


date: tue, 5 jun 2007 00:57:25 -0700
from: "diane wong" <>
subject: [ig-news] 04 june 2007 ~ san diego, ca concert review

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

hello again from southern california, where in san diego, we specialize in
june gloom!

despite being overcast, it was a good night to hear amy and emily pour over
their strings once again.

now, i have heard brandi carlisle's name mentioned before on this list, but
i confess, i haven't checked her music out.  i was urged to buy her cd
tonight, and now, i know why!  [...]

indigo girls love playing at humphrey's outdoor venue.  i didn't check out
if their were boats docked off in the bay listening to the concert--but i'm
sure there were some.  amy goes, "i know we've played this song here
before." (referring to ozilline)

04 june 2007 ~ humphrey's, san diego, ca

pendulum swinger
it's alright
money made you mean
power of two
become you
fill it up again
jonas and ezekial
last tears*
world falls
get out the map
three county highway
lay my head down
the wood song
dairy queen
kid fears*
closer to fine*


*with brandi carlisle

brandi was thrilled to be opening for ig.  she mentioned she was 14 or 15
when their music influenced her life.  she picked up the guitar and here she
is.  amy said she didn't want to be out on stage for the first two verses of
kid fears--so she came up later.  how weird would that be to sing with your
heroes, when you memorized that song when you were a young'un?  she was

throughout the concert, there were the random shout-out requests for songs.  
amy was happy that they had chosen three that were mentioned (i think they
were chickenman, kid fears, and ghost).


song highlights this concert for me were: ozilline ("what a blessed sky"),
last tears, chickenman/bitterroot, and watershed.  kid fears was amazing,


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