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date: sun, 10 jun 2007 01:07:24 +0000
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subject: [ig-news] ig in vegas

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not much time so i will make this as brief as the ig appearance at true
colors tour last night in las vegas.  they played a 20 minute set.  
considering the show was 4 hours with 5 acts, i thought they could have at
least done a 30-45 minute set.  the concert opened with dresden dolls, then
ig, then deborah harry, erasure and cyndi lauper.  interspersed between all
this was funny gay banter by margaret cho and a 15 minute stand up routine
by rosie o'donnell.

ig played 5 songs as listed below

closer to fine
shame on you
pendulum swingers
let it ring?  (amy solo in which she earned the term pissed off
lesbian--very intense with spittle flying out of her mouth in the spotlight)

several firsts for me.  i have never heard ig utter the phrase "stand up for
the lookout" in ctf.  it has always been taken over by the crowd.  not last
night.  they sang every word to every song with zero audience participation.
  just weird.  i think they were lost on an audience probably more excited
to see erasure.  mgm arena is too big for ig anyway, especially without the
band.  i, of course, was thrilled to see any of them but i'm guessing most
of the crowd was like--oh, indigo girls, i remember them from high
school--kind of the same thing i said about cyndi lauper.  but they were
good sports and came out 2 and half hours after their set for the finale.  i
am a huge erasure fan (who stole the show in my opinion) and seeing andy
bell with his arm around emily singing along to true colors (the song) was
pretty cool.

i was surprised there wasn't more in between banter about current events and
hrc's vision etc.  there was a one minute long video clip about the matthew
shepard hate crimes bill but not a whole lot else.  it was by the far the
gayest event i have been to since moving out here.  seeing all the gay folk
take over the casino afterwards was pretty cool.  i think the drunk frat
boys had no idea what to do.  if anyone else went, i'd be curious to hear

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