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hi folks,

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deseret morning news, friday, june 15, 2007
indigo girls are high on carlile
admiration mutual; both to perform in s.l. on tuesday

by josh loftin
deseret morning news

when pressed about the most exciting aspect of her summer tour, which includes
everything from new music to a "green" concert initiative, emily saliers avoids
self-promotion and points to opening-act brandi carlile.

the indigo girls perform at the huntsman center in 2000.

deseret morning news archives
she is the hand-picked supporting performer by the indigo girls, who first
became fans after a friend passed carlile's debut album to saliers a couple of
years ago. soon after, they saw carlile live in atlanta and became fast friends
with the young singer.

since then, she has appeared on the duo's last album, "despite our difference,"
which was released last year. the indigo girls returned the favor by appearing
on carlile's sophomore album, "the story," which was released earlier this year
and is already getting mainstream attention because of the regular rotation of
the video for the title track on vh1.

"it won't be long before we are opening for her," saliers said, only
half-joking, during a telephone interview.

for this summer's tour, which will stop at the red butte garden amphitheater for
a sold-out show tuesday, saliers said that carlile will probably sit in on their
set after playing a full set of her own. although she wouldn't divulge many
details, she said that carlile may sing "an old (bob) dylan song" and crowd
favorite "galileo," among other choices.

as usual, the indigo girls have more than a few things happening that go beyond
the definition of touring, including an attempt to make their summer jaunt as
earth-friendly as possible. to that end, they are travelling in a biofuel bus,
encouraging facilities to use "local as much as possible," and offering tickets
or merchandise to people who volunteer to fill bags with recyclables after their

by example and education at their concerts, saliers said that she hopes to make
everyone more environmentally friendly. even if preaching to their fans is a bit
redundant, sailers said it never hurts to give everyone more information.

"it's important that people know we're all taking part in this thing," she said.
"we all need to keep reminding each other that we're all part of this, and that
we all need to do more than talk."

other initiatives that are part of the tour are fund-raisers for the nonprofit
honor the earth in places like shiprock, n.m., that are usually not a
destination for major recording artists and a benefit for new orleans musicians.
there will also be the usual mix of politics and activism in their show,
although saliers said they will focus heavily on the music.

more than likely, their acoustic show will feature at least a few songs from
"despite our differences." saliers said that she is always pleased that their
fans can sing along to all of the songs on the album, especially in an age where
computer playlists, single-song downloads and electronic album downloads (sans
lyric sheets) are so prevalent.

"the response has been really strong, and people have really sunk their teeth
into it," saliers said about their last album. "that's the best compliment."

if you go
what: indigo girls, brandi carlile
where: red butte garden
when: tuesday, 7 p.m.
how much: sold out


) 2007 deseret news publishing company

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