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  [ig-news] show of the week:  2002-08-03: union chapel - london, england  []
  [ig-news] anchorage daily news article  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@pixelopolis.]


date: thu, 26 jul 2007 01:34:44 -0600
from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] show of the week:  2002-08-03: union chapel - london, england

hi there,

i hope this finds everyone doing well : )

thank you very much for the continued positive feedback about the
previously featured shows.

this week's show is an excellent recording of a one of a kind performance
from the "become you" tour, with sarah waters and amy and emily reading
passages and poetry mixed in with song performances.

here is the setlist:


01. introduction - emily (1:45)
02. reading from tipping the velvet - sarah waters (4:49)
03. reading from virginia woolf's diary - emily, amy, and sarah waters (3:55)
04. virginia woolf (5:08)
05. reading of a poem by frank stanford - amy (2:38)
06. three hits (3:15)
07. get out the map (3:20)
08. reading of a letter from cecilia about the murder of ingrid - amy,
emily, and sarah waters (4:40)
09. nuevas senoritas (4:37)
10. go (4:05)
11. reading of shakespeare's sonnet 24 - sarah waters (1:26)
12. reading from affinity - sarah waters (2:26)
13. collecting you (4:47)
14. reading about lucy stone - sarah waters (1:25)
15. lucystoners (amy solo) (3:17)
16. reading from elizabeth bowden - sarah waters (2:59)
17. history of us (emily solo) (5:00)
18. least complicated (5:26)
19. introduction to the next reading (1:58)
20. reading of the transcript from a court case about the murder of 10
black men in the south in 1860s - amy, emily, and sarah waters (2:42)
21. become you (4:24)
22. reading of the sex scene from fingersmith - sarah waters (8:32)
23. power of two (5:47)
24. poem by ann sexton called "courage" - sarah waters (1:45)
25. a phrase about death - emily (0:10)
26. she's saving me (5:21)
27. yield (3:36)
28. reading of the drinking gourd - emily (1:27)
29. galileo (6:25)
30. watershed (6:08)
31. closer to fine (5:34)

and here is the direct download link:

enjoy : )


ps - i also wanted to provide an update on the new photos section of
lifeblood, the first batch of 111 photos went live on the site this past
weekend: .
thanks again : )

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date: fri, 27 jul 2007 13:52:47 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] anchorage daily news article

hey folks,

here's an article/amy interview from the anchorage daily news.  online at ...


- ----begin forwarded article---
not fading away

duo stays the path of personal harmonies, political activism

by sarah henning

published: july 25, 2007
last modified: july 26, 2007 at 01:32 pm

often, the public's tendency is to jeer at the plaid-shirted, sign-toting indigo
girls and their coffeehouse earnestness.

just think back to the "saturday night live" skit where sheryl crow performed on
a fake indigo girls tv show. the singing was interrupted constantly so the duo
could promote urls for nonprofits, including a group supporting women with

after all, laughing is more fun than thinking. more fun than trying to get your
head around the social and environmental justice issues amy ray and emily
saliers champion through their music.

but in a phone interview, ray wasn't cloying. or alienating. or utopian.

"i don't expect one song to change the world," she said from her home near
atlanta. "the real concrete things that get accomplished happen when people
gather together and pool money and sign petitions and volunteer and organize.
what music has given us is that ability to gather people together."

the indigo girls will play two sold-out shows thursday and aug. 3 at the bear
tooth theatrepub. they haven't performed in alaska since 1995, when they were in
cordova to testify at a hearing about the exxon valdez oil-spill settlement.

their minneapolis-based nonprofit, honor the earth, is dedicated to
environmental and energy development issues within the native american
community. honor the earth has given grants to many alaska groups, including the
eyak preservation council and the gwich'in steering committee in fairbanks,
which works to protect caribou lands.

the musicians have invited several of alaska's environmental and native groups
to set up information tables at their anchorage concerts.

"the arctic climate impact assessment, to me, was a very concrete finding about
how the arctic indigenous people are on the front line of climate change," ray
said. "i think people down here in the lower 48 forget, you know, because it's
not right in front of them. we look forward to talking to people up there,
learning more and carrying that information back down with us."

the indigo girls launched in 1985, when ray paired her gritty, punk-rock
stylings with saliers' sweet, more traditional folk approach. thanks largely to
the buoyant, sing-along single "closer to fine," their 1989 self-titled debut
disc won a grammy and went double platinum. from then on, the duo led the 1990s
singer-songwriter resurgence with songs such as "least complicated" and "power
of two."

last year's album, "despite our differences," was titled to reference both the
polarizing effect of politics and the opposite personalities of ray and saliers.

from the first track, "pendulum swingers," the women prove their views haven't
tamed with age, despite the backlash to political stances by musicians in recent
years. the lyrics also speak of an institutional bias against women and take
president bush to task: "i want the pendulum to swing again/ so that all your
mighty mandate was just spitting in the wind."

"we've never been scared for ourselves. we were activists before we achieved
musical success, and we're not played that much on mainstream radio anyway," ray
said. "but it's very scary to see what could happen, to see what has happened to
artists like the dixie chicks, how you could just take that away from them so
dramatically in such a short time."

the disc also includes a saucy collaboration with rock star pink called "rock
and roll heaven's gate." the indigo girls guested on pink's controversial hit
"dear mr. president" in 2006. "we're very big fans of her voice, what she does
and stands for," ray said. "she's pretty politicized, pretty aware of what's
going on out there, and aware of her role as a feminist."

like all indigo girls albums, the political songs co-exist with tender love
songs and poetic word pictures of american life. the women also look inward. ray
said "money made you mean" is about her mixed feelings over signing with
hollywood records.

"i don't really like the corporate world so much," she said. "that deal was sort
of a compromise for me, a response to the way we, even as progressives, sort of
buy into the system and get caught up in stuff.

"it's just really hard to be pure."

? find play reporter sarah henning at or call 257-4323.

indigo girls

when: 8 p.m. thursday and aug. 3

where: bear tooth theatrepub

tickets: sold out

web:, girlsmusic,

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