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  [ig-news] ig tour t-shirts for sale/trade  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@pixelopol]
  [ig-news] maine show review from portland press herald  [sherlyn koo <sher]


date: sat, 25 aug 2007 14:04:25 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] ig tour t-shirts for sale/trade

hi folks,

i found a pile of ig shirts at the back of one of my top shelves this morning.  
i'm never going to wear them as i have a zillion t-shirts already and most of
them are too big for me, so i thought i'd see if anybody here wants to buy or
trade for them.

1. size m.  cream with "swamp ophelia" cover on front, nothing on back.  maybe a
little faded but in good condition.

2. size m.  black 1997 shirt with "indigo girls" and a picture of a naked
mannequin and a deer on the front.  "indigo girls/nineteenhundredandninetyseven"
on back.  never worn.

3. size l. grey with "swamp ophelia" & sunflower/water image on front.  "swamp
ophelia" & picture of leaves on back.  barely worn.

4. size l.  cream with "shaming of the sun" cover on front, album track listing
on back.  never worn.

5. size l.  black with "nomads*indians*saints/indigo girls" illustration on
front, the 3 karen chance illustrations from the n*i*s liner notes on the back.

never worn.

6. size xl.  rop cover on the front, "rites of passage tour 92-93" on the back.

barely worn.

let me know if you're interested in any of these and we'll work something out...

- --
sherlyn koo | | sydney, australia

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date: sat, 25 aug 2007 11:12:36 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] maine show review from portland press herald

hi folks,

this is a little old - sorry, busy week.  a very nice review of two of the maine
shows from the portland press herald.  you can read it online at:

also, there's an amy interview that i thought was amusingly scattered here:


- ---begin forwarded article---
indigos give maine a three-fer
outdoors and in, the indigo girls put on a spellbinding show.

aimsel l. ponti august 22, 2007
concert review
the indigo girls
when & where: saturday, l.l. bean, freeport; monday, stone mountain arts center,

under starry, autumn-like skies saturday, thousands gathered in
freeport at l.l. bean's discovery park for a free show from the
indigo girls.

on sunday and monday nights, the duo played at the stone
mountain arts center in brownfield. a fan for almost 20 years, i
was among the masses saturday in freeport, and among the 200
at monday night's show and bring you tidings of much indigo

the freeport show was an all-out indigo lovefest with an
absolutely enchanted and certainly enthusiastic crowd. the girls
played several songs from their most recent album, "despite our
differences" (hollywood records), but also included ones
spanning the length of their career.

brandi carlile opened the freeport show, shaking the tall pines
behind the stage with her powerhouse pipes and churning out
several songs from her most recent record, "the story," along
with ones from her debut album and covers thrown in.

not many singers would dare to try leonard cohen's

we know jeff buckley and k.d. lang both conquered it and
carlile's name can be added to this list. in a word: wow.

emily saliers and amy ray, aka, the indigo girls, joined carlile
on her song "cannonball," and the harmonies turned the crowd
on its head.

carlile then dared to cover another unexpected song when she
belted out johnny cash's "folsom prison blues," and ended her
set to an explosive standing ovation.

the indigo girls opened with "pendulum swinger," penned by

"it doesn't come by the bullwhip, it's not persuaded with your
hands on your hips, not the company of gunslingers. the
epicenter of love is the pendulum swinger."

"little perennials," the ray single from the "differences" record,
blew the crowd away. saliers played some slide guitar for "it's
alright," and the sound was enough to lift the chill from the air.

the night was full of surprises, and one came five songs in when
longtime bass player for the indigo girls, sara lee, appeared on
stage to play on "power of two." she was in fine form. the
audience took lead vocals on several lines, and i imagine it could
be heard for many miles down route 1.

another singalong swept over the crowd a few numbers later
with "least complicated," which also brought many to their feet.

"money made you mean" is another new song written by ray,
which had saliers playing mandolin.

"right or left it's all the same conspiracy, robbing peter to pay
paul, robbing peter to pay me," sang ray.

then it was a personal favorite, "watershed," from "nomads,
indians and saints." next, saliers stepped off stage and amy ray
sang the dire straits song "romeo and juliet" from the "rites of
passage" record. it's been years since i've heard her play that one
live, and it was well worth the wait. she sang it with arresting

carlile hit the stage again for "kid fears," the song from the
indigos' self-titled record that's been immortalized by its
spellbinding, heart-rending lyrics and the backup vocals from
rem's michael stipe.

carlile nailed it and my chills returned, though this time they
weren't from the unseasonably cold air.

carlile stayed put on stage and her three band members came
out to join ray and saliers on bob dylan's "don't think twice, it's

just when i thought the surprise factor had reached its apex,
along comes melissa ferrick. ferrick joined the rest of the gang
for "closer to fine." she had opened the indigo girls' show in
lowell, mass., a few nights prior and apparently was up for some
more fun in freeport.

"closer to fine" brought the show to its 20-song mark before
the girls delivered four encore songs, including saliers' sad love
song "last tears," and ray's "rock and roll heaven's gate." they
also went back to the really early days with "tried to be true,"
before ending on a high note with the much revered sing-along
hit, "galileo."

i've seen the indigo girls at least a dozen times and free show or
not, this was one of the best ever.

two nights later, it was time for dreams to come true. never in a
million years would i have thought i'd see the indigo girls at the
intimate performance space in brownfield, stone mountain arts

the thing with the indigo girls is they can make any venue, no
matter how large or small, have a living room feel to it. there
was just something otherworldly about being in that audience
on monday night.

i found myself in a state of disbelief as the songs poured out.
mixing things up from the freeport show, the set list included
the saliers song "run" from "differences," "yield" from "become
you," "come on home" and "dairy queen" from "all that we let
in," and "the wood song," from "swamp ophelia."

amy ray struck solo poetic gold with the new one "dirt and
dead ends."

"you're looking at foreclosure and doing time and it don't sound
good this time," she sang.

she also played guitar and harmonica during this one, and it had
a springsteen-esque poignancy to it.

gerard mchugh, a singer/songwriter and longtime friend of the
duo, penned the song "thin line," and the only time i'd heard it
was on the live "1200 curfews" record. i couldn't believe my ears
when they played it.

three encore songs brought the show to a close, including the
classic "land of canaan," which led to the signature sing-along
of "galileo."

with the magical acoustics and atmosphere at stone mountain,
this show goes down in the books for sure.

on the way out i passed by carol noonan, one of the venue's
owners, and just looked at her with a peaceful, dazed
expression. she said, "yeah, i know
pinch me." i knew exactly what she meant.

aimsel ponti is a portland freelance writer. she can be contacted
copyright ) 2007 blethen maine newspapers

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