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subject: [ig-news] emily interview in lotl

hey folks,

been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks.  this is from
australian magazine lotl (used to be called "lesbians on the loose").
most important piece of information - the upcoming australia tour will
be a solo tour!

you can also see this online at:


- ---begin forwarded article---
exclusive interview ? indigo girls
emily sailers  ? indigo girls
despite our differences tour by nic van dyke

you have a lot of australians who are very excited about your upcoming
tour ...

we can't wait to come back, we were going to come back a few years ago
but amy got sick at the last minute and it's just been so hard to
reschedule so were totally excited. the hardest part is that long
flight, but once we're there we're going to be in heaven.

this is your 10th studio album, what makes you decide to tour
australia for an album or not?

it's just hard to get over there, we love it there we've been there
twice and absolutely love it. we've always wanted to get back and this
just seemed like a good time you know with a new record and a new
record deal. so we're really excited about coming back.

so you and amy have been playing together for 20 years, how do you
prepare for a tour these days?

well it depends, this tour is just going to be me and amy and all our
solo instruments so we wont really have to rehearse unless there are
old songs we dig up. if we take a band out on a tour then we rehearse
for several days and put that show together. but this is going to be
more stripped down. we've actually been touring steadily for a year
now so it's just a matter of gettin' on a plane and getting' there.

how much time do you and amy spend together when you're on tour? e.g.
hang out during the day, or do you take some time apart?

we definitely take that time apart, you know we live very separate
lives we spend so much time together when we're on the road so we like
to do our own thing until we come together for soundcheck, then we eat
dinner together and make a set list every night and do the show. then
after that we kinda just separate and have our own time.

what about when not on tour, do you see much of each other?

not really, i mean we have some friends in common, so there might be
some social events where our friend intersect and we'll see each other
at a gathering or a wedding but we really don't hang out. actually i
own a restaurant in atlanta and she comes there sometimes with friends
or family, but typically that's about as close as we get socially, we
just really do our own thing.

so what sort of restaurant do you own?

its called watershed and its southern american food, with the emphasis
on organically produce locally grown, humanely raised meats, just
really fresh and our chef is an excellent chef he just won a big award
here in the states so were very proud of him and things are going
well. i'm a foodie so it's a dream to own a restaurant.

so do you have the indigo girls song 'watershed' playing in the
background for your diners?

(laughs) no that would be embarrassing, actually you know when we were
naming it the song didn't even come to mind. it's a natural watershed
area where i live so it just seemed to fit. it's just serendipity that
the song was there as well.

what does a typical indigo girls backstage rider include?

its pretty simple at this point, i think we some water, and we have
couple of fruit juices, i like to have one diet dr pepper. we have
some chips and salsa and maybe a bit of fruit, and that's about it.

after collaboration with pink on dear mr president  do you have a
whole new legion of fans?

its hard to trace that kind of thing, i mean i would hope that that
would happen, its certainly come up a lot in the press as most people
think of it as an usual collaboration but pink and i and amy are a lot
a like. we like all kinds of music and you know she's just very
spirited and fun to work with. it would be very flattering if her fans
got turned on to our music because of the collaboration. we do have
young fans, the fans that were with us from the beginning are still
with us, but they've had kids so they bring their kids to the show. we
have a lot of college age fans which is really great. i find it very
gratifying after having done it all these years to still be relevant
to young people in any way, it feels really good to us.

you're so famous for signature harmonies, they give me the goosebumps.
but do you ever get it wrong? when writing new song or playing live?

(laughs) yes, it's one of the reasons why i cant stand live recordings
really because i hear every single pitch nuance that's from my voice.
nothings just fleeting music anymore cause everything's recorded on
people's mobile phones or whatever and saved for posterity.  but yes
we do hit some clunkers, we try not to but the harmony usually comes
pretty naturally. we do forget words, or mess up chords or sometimes
stop right in the middle of a song and start again. it's a good thing
our fans wouldn't expect anything more of us.

how does it makes you feel as a performer now that there is that
technology out there where people can actually film you on their
mobile phones?

i don't mind pictures on the phones, or holding it up and recording it
for their friends. but we don't like people to bring video cameras and
really like actually film the show. to me i'm all about technology and
the sharing and youtube. everything that has gone on with technology
has been a great way to spread music around that you might not
otherwise hear. but there's also part of the magic that's missing when
you go see a show, you hear it at that one time and that's it.

i often sing 'ghost' out loudly at park when walking the dog, what
songs do you like to belt out when you're on your own?

oh my gosh there are so many songs; there are songs by this group
called the weepies - it's a man a woman from the states who used to be
solo artists and they came together, so many of their songs are just
amazing to me. i like old classic stuff too like heart, their song
barracuda that's what i would sing out loud too. i some good old
school hip hop i like all kinds of music really it really informs my
life every day of my life.

i love knowing that emily from indigo girls likes a bit of hip hop!!

oh, i totally do, the political stuff mostly though. i don't like the
misogynist stuff but i do love jay z, tupac and old school public enemy.

you've been described as "devoted environmental and social justice
activists" for many issues, what the one cause most important to you?

we'll i think the one we're putting the most energy into no pun
intended is environmental energy work, environmental justice work. we
see the environmental issues through the lens of the indigenous people.

melbourne hamer hall ? arts centre october 26
bookings: ticketmaster 1300 136 166 or $79.90

canberra canberra theatre october 29
bookings: canberra theatre 6275 2700 or $79.90

adelaide thebarton theatre october 31
bookings: venue tix 8225 8888 or $79.90

perth fremantle  arts centre november 2
bookings: or venue box office $69.90

brisbane qpac ? concert hall november 5
bookings: qtix 136 246 or $79.90

sydney enmore theatre november 6 & 7
bookings: enmore theatre 9550 3666 or ticketek 132 849 $79.90

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