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  [ig-news] show of the week: 1992-10-23: kridthuset - copenhagen, denmark  [carolyn <]


date: sun, 25 nov 2007 18:26:35 -0700
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subject: [ig-news] show of the week: 1992-10-23: kridthuset - copenhagen, denmark
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hello again,

this weeks offering is a real gem, an excellent sounding recording of a
"rites of passage" show from the european leg of the tour.  this is a band
show with sara lee on bass, scarlet rivera on violin, jane scarpantoni on
cello, and budgie on drums.  the strings and drumming are featured
throughout, including a really unique drum part on "let it be me" and
featured strings in leu of soc lyrics on "chickenman". "tangled up in blue"
is terrific, and "down by the river" was an unplanned second encore, and
although there are a few dropouts in sound in places, it is a great off the
cuff rendition with amy throwing in some stream of conscious lyrics towards
the end.  this is a fresh conversion that was just completed and added to
lifeblood today.

one additional note about this show - there was a fair amount of
controversy in the long time fan community surrounding the rites of passage
tour, with the shows growing from simple productions with amy, emily, and
eventually sara lee, to fully staged productions with a full band and stage
backdrops and significant light shows, the video for 'joking' shows a bit
of the new look.  anyway, there may be some who disagree to this day, but
listening to the freshness in the arrangements and performances of these
songs, all the controversy seems like more of a moot point now than ever.


01. welcome me (5:57)
02. hammer and a nail (4:02)
03. land of canaan (4:16)
04. prince of darkness (6:05)
05. three hits (4:38)
06. galileo (4:46)
07. ghost (5:58)
08. joking (5:08)
09. virginia woolf (5:49)
10. pushing the needle too far (5:18)
11. summertime (4:46)
12. jonas and ezekial (3:56)
13. let it be me (4:53)
14. romeo and juliet (5:32)
15. history of us (6:09)
16. chickenman (7:01)
17. closer to fine (4:46)
18. kid fears (6:06)
19. cedar tree (4:21)
20. tangled up in blue (9:26)
21. down by the river (8:15)

here is the direct download link for the recording:



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