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  [ig-news] video: 1987-05-09: decatur on the square - decatur, georgia  [ca]


date: sat, 22 dec 2007 07:24:19 -0700
from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] video: 1987-05-09: decatur on the square - decatur, georgia

hello again,

i just wanted to pass along a heads up that the video files for the
1987-05-09: decatur on the square - decatur, georgia television broadcast
are now available for download from the lifeblood site.  in my opinion this
recording is one of the must haves of the unofficial videos, and the video
quality is amazing considering its age.  there is a bit of audio hiss/hum
throughout, which fades a bit as the show goes on.

here is the setlist:

cold as ice
never stop
holy city
crazy game
love of the common people
no way to treat a friend
the water is wide
killing time (with michelle malone)
strange fire
land of canaan
don't give up on me baby
make this house a home (with michelle malone)
up in smoke
happy birthday
romeo and juliet
history of us
love the one you're with (with michelle malone)
happy birthday
peace song
american tune
get together

and here is the download link:

enjoy  :    )


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