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date:  sun, 3 aug 2008 09:27:49 -0600
from:  carolyn <>
subject: show of the week: three early solo amy ray performances

in honor of the release of amy's new solo record, three solo performances
from 1989-1990:

first up an okay sounding recording from 1989, the sound is muffled but it
is listenable. includes early versions of "hand me downs" and "keeper of
my heart" as well as the only know recording of "pretty vision".

1989-05-30: the white dot - atlanta, georgia (amy ray)
01. hand me downs (3:34)
02. the ballad of squeaky fromme (5:28)
03. keeper of my heart (4:28)
04. romeo and juliet (5:22)
05. pretty vision (4:27)
06. blood and fire (5:51)

here is the direct download link:

next up is an okay sounding recording from the first of two songwriter
showcases that amy hosted prior to the release of
"nomads*indians*saints". features a solo version of "1 2 3" as well as a
really nice cover of "i shall be released".

1990-08-04: atlanta, georgia (amy ray's singer songwriter showcase)
01. pushing the needle too far (3:15)
02. hand me downs (3:22)
03. romeo and juliet (7:00)
04. 1 2 3 (3:35)
05. keeper of my heart (4:21)
06. i shall be released (with michelle malone and dede vogt) (7:43)
07. the ballad of squeaky fromme (5:30)
08. world falls (3:55)

here is the direct download link:

and last but not least, an okay sounding recording from the second of the
two songwrite showcases that amy hosted in 1990. features the first known
performance of "chickenman" which includes a lengthy introduction, as well
as a nice cover of "cowgirl in the sand"

1990-08-09: the roxy - atlanta, georgia (amy ray's singer songwriter
showcase 2)
01. the ballad of squeaky fromme (6:29)
02. keeper of my heart (4:43)
03. cowgirl in the sand (with sandy garfinkle) (3:59)
04. chickenman (6:35)
05. nashville (with dede vogt and simone simonton) (6:37)

here is the direct download link:

enjoy :  )


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date:  mon, 4 aug 2008 12:02:07 +1000
from:  sherlyn koo <>
subject: amy interview from deseret news

hi folks,

here's an amy article/review from the deseret news. you can read it online


--begin forwarded message--
deseret news
indigo girl loves salt lake's 'vibrant scene'
by scott iwasaki
deseret news
published: august 3, 2008
singer/songwriter amy ray loves salt lake city.

she and emily saliers, who are collectively known as the indigo girls, love
to play here because of the scenery and the people.

"utah is a unique place because of the dynamics of having the dominant
religion and political views and then having this vibrant scene that is the
polar opposite," ray said in an interview from an indigo girls stop in new

"people don't know that under the surface of what is stereotypically known
as utah, there are a lot of people who are changing the narrow focus that a
lot of utahns are accused of having."

that's why on her third solo album, "didn't it feel kinder," she has a song
called "slc radio." the cd will be released tuesday.

"i remember when i was on tour in support of my second solo cd, 'prom,' in
2005," said ray. "i was playing at the (now defunct) lo-fi cafe in salt
lake city. krcl radio was there, and there was this energy coming from the
audience. it was a positive vibe that i thrived on, and while i've played
in salt lake many times, it hit me that there are some great things
happening in that place.

"with all the political views that run the gamut, i look at salt lake city
as a microcosm of the united states," she said. "look at the political
debates that are nationwide. and you can see those happening very strongly
in salt lake city.

"so i wrote a song called 'slc radio' about what i felt."

writing about feelings and political issues is what ray, a gay political
activist, has based her career on.

"sure, i do write songs about love and the human experience, but i grew up
listening to hippie music that my parents had around," she said. "and when
i was growing up, i listened to a lot of clash and patti smith. and they
touched me with their political lyrics and got me thinking about doing the
same thing " addressing issues in song."

as for the new cd, ray said she knew what she wanted the cd to be like but
didn't know how to get there. but she knew she wanted to work with drummer
melissa york, who used to be with the band the butchies.

ray contacted york, and they started talking about the songs. during those
talks, york told ray she wanted to work with producer greg griffith, who
had produced for the butchies in the past.

"greg is amazing," said ray. "he is everything music. and he played bass
for the cd. it was funny because at the time i was of two minds. i didn't
want to answer to a producer, but greg made himself important to the

other artists ray recruited for the sessions included york's bandmate and
guitarist kaia wilson, singer/songwriter brandi carlile, three5human
guitarist tomi martin and the band arizona.

"it took about 10 months to do the album, and we worked the songs to the
bone," said ray. "and i'm looking forward to what people think."

(c) 2008 deseret news publishing company | all rights reserved

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