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date:    sat, 16 aug 2008 00:21:29 -0400
from:    linda napikoski <>
subject: brandi carlile + mosquito war

since this list is often a source of brandi carlile information these days
too, and whereas many people who finally hear her for the first time have a
similar reaction of "hey, she really is all that," and surmising that there
are still some of you out there who haven't heard her or don't think you've
heard her although you've heard ( = read) many of us blathering on about

i just thought i'd mention that that's our girl brandi singing in the gm
commercial playing over and over on nbc during these games of the xxix
olympiad. (well, here in these united states.  can't help you in other
countries...unless the ad's on somewhere too, which by the
way is quite the informative site about the olympics even if it doesn't
offer up brandi.  but i digress.)  "all of these lines across my face..."
and then the various shots of cars gliding down roads through forests with
sunlight peeking through treetops and across vast plains, with bio fuel and
hybrids and all that good stuff thrown in there.  if you've been watching
the olympics, you've surely heard it.  if you haven't been watching the
olympics, um ... why ever not?

*today i killed a mosquito in my bedroom. we have truly been having a war
against the mosquitoes, seriously, it's bad....i try to gently remove most
bugs to the outside, but these mosquitoes are sucking me dry as evidenced by
the blood that came from the one i smashed on the bedroom wall.  anyway, i
was listening to rarities at the time, and i smacked the mosquito, and then
as i examined the remains both on the wall and on the back of my journal
with which i had slaughtered it (hey i'm not proud), amy sang, "there ain't
no mistaking who's got the winning hand."  it was very dramatic and somber
(in that "point hope" sort of way) and i laughed. at myself. yeah.



no seriously...why did we invade iraq?

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date:    sat, 16 aug 2008 18:26:31 +1000
from:    sherlyn koo <>
subject: didn't it feel kinder review from washington blade

hi folks,

here's a review of "didn't it feel kinder" from the washington blade. =
online here:


---begin forwarded article---
music |

indigo girls' ray out with fourth solo release
new album features more rock than duo's material

by rebecca armendariz
aug. 15, 2008
shades of the lazy, bluesy sound of the indigo girls pepper amy ray's new=
solo album but there's also a more processed rock sound that proves "didn't=
it feel kinder," which dropped last week, isn't just another addition to=
the legendary folk rockers' discography.

ray, 44, is half of the indigo girls. "kinder," her fourth solo release=
(including a live album), was released on her own label, daemon records,=
which she founded in 1990.

she begins with "birds of a feather" with the echo of lo-fi guitars and=
eerie tap of a single snare drum. she repeats the question of a chorus, a=
clever metaphor, her voice echoing: "if we are birds of a feather, why=
can't we migrate?"

this is the first solo album ray produced herself. greg griffith, who's also=
worked with le tigre and vitapup and plays bass guitar on the album, helped=
ray break through a more tired folk-rock pattern and explore the genre by=
adding heavier instrumentation.

"she's got to be with me" follows, sounding like a jazzy '80s lounge tune.=
the accompanying video should include jean jackets and alleyways. the bass=
line crawls throughout the verse, and ray's voice, a percussive whisper,=
follows it. only when the chorus hits does the song become redeemable, as=
she allows her throat to open and carry notes over harmonizing backup=

"bus bus" enters faster than one would expect, and as it continues, ray=
steps out of the persona she's built and tries hard to regress in age, to=
"fit in" with mainstream radio. the fast-paced tempo of the track and her=
rush to push out repeated vocals don't fit her signature sound.

"hey baby my baby sweet baby/i'm on the bus tour bus bunk/i got my=
headphones on and i'm listening to/elliott rock rock rock rock/rock me to=
sleep/i got my phone on vibrate in case you call me/rock me to sleep," she=

ray and bandmate emily saliers were part of the original athens, ga.,=
college rock scene that included other queer-friendly acts like the b-52s=
and rem. songs like "bus bus," sadly, have no apparent root in that period.=
"cold shoulder," however, is more like it =97 acoustic and clear storytelling=
with a short, raucous chorus.

on "who sold the gun?" ray channels doo wop for her background chant while=
she wails overtop, wondering what drove the student at virginia tech over=
the edge while comparing the tragedy to a blind society in a seemingly=
endless iraq war.

the political undertones ray includes in her writing stem from the variety=
of causes she's undertaken. she's an activist for gays, women, native=
americans, the zapatista movement in mexico, environmental protection,=
anti-death penalty legislation and gun control. much of the gay community=
sees she and emily saliers as champions of the movement.

"slc radio" is ray's ode to the diverse younger generation of salt lake=
city, and how, in general, the kids are growing up and breaking away from=
traditional conservatism. the anthem rings with choruses in unison and=
escalating guitars.

ray reaches into her higher range for "stand and deliver" and creates a=
heavenly tone with the help of musician brandi carlisle, whose harmonies=
are scattered throughout the album. ray rounds out "kinder" with "rabbit=
foot," a stripped-down showcase of her voice, highlighted by the light,=
tribal tapping of drums.

it's apparent that when ray sticks to what she knows, it works. trying to=
make her sound a little "fresher," more "hip," doesn't quite work =97 it's=
too strained. playing slightly updated versions of her folk-rock staples,=
though, exceeds expectations.

c) 2008 the washington blade | a window media publication

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